Phoenix Arizona's Premier Enlightened community, +Open Your Mind is proud to announce:

Badger, a fully customizable Ingress community member badge generator!

Back story:
A couple months-ish ago, I created a Drawing document on Google Drive that allowed players to drop their own community logo and drag their level onto a template and enter their name to create a custom Ingress badge. It received a huge positive response from the Ingress community, but it wasn't the most intuitive or easy to use interface. Well, because the response was so positive, I decided to give back to the Ingress community yet again, with a new and improved badge creator. Enter Badger.

Badger uses an HTML5/JS web interface to handle badge customization and creation and make the process hassle-free, simple, and intuitive! Simply drag an image from your computer onto the default logo, and BAM! Optionally, click the file input button and choose a file from your local computer. The instructions are right there on the page, to guide you through the quick and easy customization process. When you're ready, simply click the browser's print button (optionally, CTRL+P) and you're done!

The Badger project is hosted on GitHub, so feel free to post enhancement requests and even pull requests if you would like to directly contribute. The initial release only supports Enlightened style badges (Resistance support is coming). If you would like to help with development, please contact me directly via email (from my profile page) or via Hangout.

Notice for community moderators: if you would like to host your own Badger with your community's logo pre-loaded, simply fork and clone the project on GitHub to get the source and replace the default images with your own. Then upload the content to your web hosting.

Important: please use the GitHub issue tracker to report bugs, submit feature requests, etc.

Thank you!!

Please share with your Ingress communities!
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