Q: What if I get hit by a bus?
A: Use a password manager, use encryption, and teach others how to use it!

Remember this question I posted a few days ago? It received several very good answers and (geek alert) nearly maxed out my reputation earnings for three days straight.

The best answers all revolve around the same concept: Encrypt your secrets, and securely share the key. Encryption is not complicated at all but you've only heard about it from Hollywood (and they got it wrong). Encryption may be high-tech but it can be dead-simple to use.

To protect my data, I must use encryption. Using encryption is not scary at all but it does require sharing the password and teaching how to decrypt my secrets. Sharing secrets involve trust and security: I should only share my password with someone who can't use it against me. It would be even more secure to share parts of the password with different people. (Remember the "one half of a treasure map" from the movies?)

It's a neat daisy-chain of simple steps that invariably leads me to a position that is difficult to explain, especially to a spouse or a lawyer who isn't tech-savvy. So encryption is fascinating all by itself, but it's also frustrating when one tries to introduce it into the real world inhabited by normal people.

It leaves me at a position where I can choose an unsecure route that normal people (and bad guys!) can follow, or a secure route that might baffle my spouse (and bad guys!).

I haven't decided yet how I'm going to do this -- so if you want to really mess with my wife, now is the time to knock me out.
What if I get hit by a bus?
I'm posting this question in a post by itself because it is important to me.
Do you know anyone who can answer??
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