Demographics of Google+ vs. Facebook

I've mentioned a few times recently that one aspect I like about G+ is the sensible, adult, intelligent content vs. the teenage-style chatter on FB. I have realized that saying so is a grave injustice to FB users. Think about it:

My friends that use Facebook are people that I've known for a long time. The things that get shared are built on a huge foundation of old, intricate friendships and it's because of that that the chatter has value.

I -switched to- joined G+ but my friends didn't. What did I then do? I sought out and circled complete strangers solely on the criteria that they post thoughtful content on topics that interest me. These are totally different criteria than those that determined my FB connections.

You see now that I have been comparing apples to oranges, which is unfair. I'm sure that there are also lots of G+ conversations that aren't particularly deep but I just don't see most of them, and they're just as fine as those I see on FB.

I have been dissing FB for the wrong reasons, partially. My one big problem is that FB as a company repeatedly demonstrates a complete lack of respect for the users, their data, and their privacy. To FB, users are simply marketing resources to be ruthlessly mined for profit. That's why I occasionally promote the #BoycottFacebook hash tag.

It's unfortunate for the users that the user base has grown so big that users are too committed to get out. And despite my best efforts so far, that's where I stand too: I want to leave for good but the old ties are pulling me back in; my connections are too connected to move with me.

But that doesn't stop me from making new connections here on Google+! I'm very pleased every time someone new circles me. Of course, they do what I do: circle utter strangers simply because the posts are interesting to them.

Thank you, dear strangers! It means a lot.
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