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"I bet your ring cost a few months' salary" and other questions encountered as a bride-to-be.

From talking about how much my ring costs to asking about babies, I'm still aghast at what people ask me now I'm engaged. This is a whole new genre of intrusive questions.

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Hey congrats! Have you begun the arduous task of changing your man for the better? LOL

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Carly Findlay

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I'm so excited to launch the 2014 Ichthyosis Awareness Month Blog Project today!

Read about it here:

I will be sharing 30+ stories from people affected by Ichthyosis (the rare and severe skin condition) - patients, parents, grandparents, partners and even a non human! Each day in May there will be a different story. These stories show challenges and triumphs, life change, resilience, and hope for people with Ichthyosis and other visible differences. Sharing their stories has empowered the contributors and I know will empower readers.

Today I introduce the project, and give my thoughts on celebrating your uniqueness. There's a video too - inspired by Darren Hayes' idea about uniqueness.

And I'm also so grateful to the wonderful people from the Ichthyosis community that I've met on my travels.

Please follow along on the blog and social media, and share these stories to create greater awareness of Ichthyosis.

Thank you for your support :)
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Hello! I wrote about ichthyosis and exercise today - specifically how I was scared about it making my skin sore but how it actually makes me feel SO good. I outlined the things I do that makes me feel more comfortable. Do you exercise? Would love to read your tips.

#exercise -#ichthyosis #skin #disability #fitness #ability 
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Carly Findlay

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I blogged today.

I can't pretend the Reddit experience didn't affect me. To have my picture analysed, diagnosed, ridiculed and threatened by hundreds of faceless people was hard.
Hate speech is driven by a pack mob mentality. But so is kindness. So much so.

Read my post here:
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Hold your head high Carly. You are an awesome person and an inspiration
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Carly Findlay

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This is love.
This boy , he told me he can't love me any more because his heart is too full with his love for me. My heart melts.  (I have been so reluctant to make a photo of him and I public, especially with this recent (cough) internet fame , but he's given me permiss...
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Almost a year on, something positive has come out of the taxi driver discrimination incident. A new driver disability training video has been produced and will be screened to tax drivers at 13Cabs. This video is relevant to all sorts of service industries.
Read more:

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A very positive outcome. Well done. 
I speak as a mother with a child with a disabilty and this is/was my great fear.
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Carly Findlay

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Why Most Content Marketing Makes No Lasting Impression

This week I’ve had a number of conversations with online entrepreneur friends about ‘content marketing’ and whether much of what people are doing is missing a key ingredient.

Obviously the last 12 or so months have been all about content but interestingly what proceeded this latest trend was a lot of similar buzz about ‘community management’. 

The question that has come up in each of the conversations I’ve had this week is whether perhaps many content marketing strategies have thrown out the baby with the bathwater by focusing so much upon content that they’ve forgotten about community.

I’m sure we can all think of many examples of people and businesses doing both really well - but it strikes me that of late there’s been a lot of newer ‘blogs’ (not that they usually call themselves blogs) that have been focusing upon producing content that seems more about generating ‘eyeballs’ or traffic but isn’t really that interested in engagement (or at least not much more engagement than a ‘like’, ‘retweet’, '+' or a ‘share’.

These newer blogs are great at crafting headlines, brilliant at curating feel good videos and have a knack for uncovering great stories - however I wonder if they’re creating meaning for their readers and building momentum that takes those readers on a journey or that creates true engagement and relationship.

Last week I heard +Brian Solis speak at a Melbourne event and advise businesses to 'stop competing for the moment and start competing for meaning'.

I think bloggers should ponder that.

While the temptation is to soley focus upon producing shareable, likeable, retweetable content I suspect a lot more sustainable model is to create content that MEANS something, that takes your reader on a journey, that impacts their lives in some tangible way.

The result may not be as spectacular as some of the stats other blogs might produce - but my bet is that you'll produce something that has a much better chance of being around in 5-10 years and that is a lot easier to monetise.

I'd love your thoughts on this as it's something I'm pondering a lot lately.
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Got to be true if you want people connected to you and your products not simply one-off visitors or consumers. Comes back to the  the quality of the content and the engagement I think.
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Today I've written about the way Ichthyosis has impacted on my new relationship. Ichthyosis is a big adjustment for a lover.

"It's an adjustment for both of us. This isn't just adjusting to space, music tastes or bad habits. It is an uncompromisable adjustment. It's adjusting to a medical reality that can often be severe, unpredictable and embarrassing for me. My Ichthyosis can be frustrating, upsetting and an inconvenience. But we're doing ok.

These little things my skin does I take for granted amaze him. And his acceptance of them - the aspects of the condition that so many have found yucky - amazes me. I feel so, so lucky to have found him."

Read more, including my tips for helping your partner adjust, here:

#love #chronicillness #health #appearancediversity #appearanceactivism #education #skin #relationships 
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So happy for you Carly xo
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Carly Findlay

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Carly Findlay

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Gone viral.
    I have had some time to reflect on the past few days. Wow. Just wow.   My post about being ridiculed on Reddit went viral. I was featured on The Daily Dot ,  News Limited , Mamamia ,  Yahoo ,  HLNTV  (I did that phone interview at 5.45 am Friday morning...
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Lozzy B
I've said it before and I'll say it again - you are an inspiration Carly! And going viral means you're inspiring so many others globally! You rock!!!!!
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