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Eve Gaddy: Writing Yourself into a Corner
I’m sure you’ve heard of painting yourself into a corner. I
write myself into a corner. What do I mean by that? Well, it happens especially
when I’m writing a series. Brian Kincaid’s job as
a security system troubleshooter is perfect for a single guy who lo...

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Lara Temple: Why do I love Romance? The Women!
Why do I love romance? It’s simple – the women! Ever since I
became a published Harlequin M&B historical romance author a little over a
year ago I’ve been surrounded by women – my editors, my fellow authors, and almost
all my readers (well, aside from my ev...

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Susan Stephens: July & the Yorkshire Moors
and we have blazing sunshine on the Yorkshire moors... The UK generally gets a bad press for
weather, and the Yorkshire moors are most commonly thought of as being bleak,
but we are enjoying the most beautiful summer here on the backbone of England,

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A Year of Learning – Donna Alward
This year
has been a year of learning. I’m one of
those people who loved it when a new school year started. The smell of fresh
paper and pens…new textbooks, trying to make my handwriting neat as I organized
my class notes. These days my learning is less str...

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Eve Gaddy's Redfish Chronicles
Recently, I’ve been working on publishing a series
independently. It’s been fun, but it’s a lot of work, too. Publishing indie
makes me really appreciate my other publishers. I never realized just how much
work they do. The Redfish Chronicles are dear to my...

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Laura Drewry: Creative Outlets
At various times over the years I’ve dabbled
in weaving, knitting, cross stitching, quilting, scrap booking, looming and card making.
The card making I still do, but the rest of it. . .not so much. In fact, last year I finally stopped lying to myself about ...

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Lara Temple: Why writing is like swimming except you don’t need a towel (or do you?)
Before I thought of trying to become
a published writer I admit I regarded writing as a bit of a mystical inspiration-driven
revelation spilling out like a Roman fountain. Well, that fiction was soon
tossed onto the dust heap. A year and a bit after my firs...

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Addison Fox: Friendship and Joy and Quiet Moments
I had a
wonderful opportunity this past week – a dear friend of mine has been in for
several days and it’s been so nice to simply sit still, catch up, laugh and
relax a bit. It doesn’t happen all that often – that ability to shut down and
focus and simply e...

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Eve Gaddy: The Cowboy And The Doctor
The latest book in my Gallaghers of Montana series
came out about a week ago. This book is about the fourth brother, Dylan, the
only one who isn’t a doctor. Dylan is a cowboy through and through. The cover
is one of my favorite covers ever. It fits the book...

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Lara Temple: Dreaming up books …Or how realizing my dream squished my daydreams
spring my first book was published by Harlequin Mills&Boon. This month my
third book, The Duke’s Unexpected Bride, has hit the shelves and I still can’t
quite believe it. Becoming a published writer has changed my life in quite a
few ways, mostly for t...
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