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Discover new events in your town
Discover new events in your town

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Engage in Social Events

“Entertainment is the greatest socializing force in the world.” - Daniel Beaty

See what worth-your-time events you can look forward to! Not only do they entertain you, but they also get you engaged with mass individuals placed on different corners of the globe.

Create an account at and enjoy surfing for events!

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Keys to a Worth-attending Event

Do you plan on hosting a major event for the society you are in? Here are some thoughts to consider for you to design a worth-attending event:

Determine what the event is for and why the need to host it. Know your cause well.

Decide what nature and form of event you will be organizing in fulfillment of your set objectives.

Know beforehand who you are designing the event for, and be sure that they match the nature of your planned event.

Deliberately plan on your program flow, making one distinct from any other event. Avoid dead airs, include elements of surprises, and keep audience’s emotions and interests high!

Your poster is a big key to marketing your event. Don’t worry about getting it edited over and over until you come up with the best of all designs.

Get all set for your event by securing everything you need – manpower, materials, equipment, and finances.

Do you have an event coming soon? Promote it with us! Visit to know how.
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The Accesses MyJoy Gives You. Get more info about these benefits. Visit us at #MyJoy
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You are Few Clicks Away from Joining Our Team!

MyJoy Events is a Global Events Center that helps organizations, institutions, and businesses market their services through virtual socialization. This social networking site also opens the door for you to interact with different subscribers around the globe!

If you find interest in joining our team, here are simple steps for you to take. They do not bring much hassle; you only need to get your mouse pad and keyboard all set!

STEP ONE: Visit our official site at and read more about us and what we do.

STEP TWO: Sign up as a member by creating an account at

STEP THREE: Fill in all the details asked from you through the page.

STEP FOUR: Agree to the terms provided after filling in details, and click ‘continue’.

STEP FIVE: Encode your personal information carefully, and choose to either or not upload a profile photo.

STEP SIX: Once you have been officially signed, surf through our website at your own pace!

We will be delighted to add you on our team. Sign up for membership now!
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The Secrets to a Worthwhile Socialization Online

a. Let your profile details speak about you.
b. Take the risk of making friend requests.
c. Start conversations politely.
d. Look for common interests you may have with others.
e. Be easy to reach and quick to respond.

Ready to widen your scope of influence? Be one of our active members by signing up on our site:!

#Socialization #Online
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Global Socialization Made Available!

Interact with different people from all walks of life who share the same interest as yours! Visit to know how. #Socialize #MyJoy
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Building a Lasting Impression in a Party

Be the kind of party-goer everybody opts to party with! Building a good impression that’s lasting is a key for people to keep rooting for you in their circle.

In aiming to build a lasting impression for every party you go to, here are four characters you should wear:


Friendliness is a key to healthy socialization. Having this makes one eager to communicate with others and establish relationships with new people. Friendliness attracts more pals instead of shying them away.


One factor to a healthy social life is going out of one’s shell to interact with others. Be careful not to create a world of your own; go into the world of others instead. Isolating one’s self wouldn’t be of much help.


Be careful not to let foul mood get in the way of your engaging with others. When in parties, fill yourself with high energy and let cheerfulness electrify from your inside-out. Manage to always wear your best smile and generously give it to whoever shows up.


When engaging in conversations, speak for the good of who you’re chatting with. Don’t wear a tongue so harsh as a murderous sword!
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Global Social Networking

Create an account through and be part of a global socializing community! #MyJoy #GlobalEvents
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Global Social Networking

Create an account through and be part of a global socializing community! #MyJoy #GlobalEvents
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Secrets to Effectively Advertise Events Online

No Events Organizer dreams for his affair to turn out a flop. Everyone desires to magnet a mass amount of curious, excited, and willing attendees.

If organizing events is your field of expertise, we share a few secrets to market your event using the World Wide Web. Here are some secret components you need to make wise use of:

1.THEME. Make your event name astounding and catchy as it can be. Let your theme sound out-of-the-box, extremely unique, intriguing, and interesting. Good-sounding event themes never leave a person’s hearing.

2.POSTER. Design a poster that immediately attracts the sight right from a person’s first glance. Let every part of the whole design complement the other. Be careful not to be too wordy with your invitation poster, but avoid lack of information as well.

3.TEASERS. Make photo or video teasers that keep audiences updated about your upcoming event. Light the fire in their heart to wait in excitement. Make your teasers worth-sharing and talking about.

4.BASIC DETAILS. Show what the event is for and about. Make dates and venue clear. Let the audience know if there’s anything they need to bring or pay for.

Advertise your events through!
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