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Daniel Silva
A man of many talents, with Disco Dancing and reviewing movies chief among them...
A man of many talents, with Disco Dancing and reviewing movies chief among them...

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I have Wonder Woman Walmart/Vudu collector's edition hdx code. $5. Please comment and send Hangout. SOLD
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I finally got around to seeing the Mummy. I actually mildly enjoyed it. The inclusion of Russell Crowe's character was dumb and the romance in the film felt really forced, but otherwise it was fine. I feel silly because I relied on Rotten Tomatoes and chose not to go see it because of its rating, but I really need to stop that.

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Here's some VERY interesting news.

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Well that escalated quickly....

I noticed that the My Fair Lady blu-ray was on sale today on Amazon and thought it odd that there wasn't a digital copy with it. Then I searched for it on Vudu and found that there is no digital copy. Does anyone know why this is?

Free T-Mobile Tuesdays Vudu credit to the first person to guess my one of my top 3 films of 2015. CLOSED

I was privileged to see Dunkirk last night. It's my favorite movie of the year so far. It is an unrelenting, immersive experience in IMAX. I'm not sure my heart could take a second viewing in that format.

I just realized that Spiderman: Homecoming will likely be UV because it's being distributed on Sony. Am I wrong in assuming this?

The FandangoNow Android app won't let me play my UV movies that I didn't purchase through them. The 'Watch' button is simply disabled and unclickable. Does anyone know why this is?
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