Headset button long press while screen off:

Hi João, I think I may have found a bug.

Usually a long press of the headset button starts Google Voice Search. Also with the screen OFF. But since installing AutoVoice it doesn't work.

Long press with screen ON let's me chose wether to use Google Search or AutoVoice. So I choose and it's fine.

Here is the problem with screen OFF: The box for choosing the default app is prompted again (I guess it's a different intent when the screen is off), but because the screen is off I obviously can't choose the app. I noticed this because when unlocking the phone/switching screen on I can see that box vanish quickly. No time to interact with it and it's hidden behind the app icons in the launcher.

So everytime I want to use Google Search (or AutoVoice) I have to take the phone out of my pocket.

Possible workaround: Set the default app directly from AutoVoice. E.g. A menu like: Default app to react to long press: Google Search/AutoVoice
Default app to react to long press while screen off: Google Search/AutoVoice

an other possible workaround (provided touch-input simulation works while screen off): Simulate touch inputs while the screen is off that choose "always" in the box and set the default app.

What wonders me, is that no one reported this issue. So maybe it is just me? Things is when uninstalling AutoVoice Google Search works again. Running CM11 on Galaxy S2, Google Launcher/Trebuchet.

(Good software nevertheless!)
Best regards!
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