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I'm off the Internet for two days and everything happens. Of course.
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This atheist gives the most honest review of a Christian album I've ever heard. It's so refreshing to hear people be real about something and like how it sounds regardless of if they feel religious or not.
Sometimes, good music is just good music.
#johnmarkmcmillan   #borderlands   #atheism   #christianmusic  
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Hi, everyone!
I recently learned of a competitive 2D fighting game called "Skullgirls" that has probably the most beautiful hand-drawn sprite work in any game I've seen.
The animation has a lot of frames for a video game, probably more than any game available, so it looks very smooth when it moves.
(I'm not very into the character design (lots of anime girls) but they are currently expanding the roster to include a wider variety of characters.)
What do you think?
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CGI does allow for a lot of new possibilities in animation, like the ability to get dynamic camera movements.
I think for hand-drawn animation to thrive alongside CGI animation, it has to be self-aware and stop hiding the fact that it is drawn.
The ultra-clean Disney look is fine, but it was born out of the technical limitation of the cel-painting age of animation. With computer tech that we have today, there is no reason that animation can't look very sketchy and expressive in new ways. That's why I'm so supportive of films like "The Tale of Princess Kayuga" and "Ernest and Celestine". These films embrace the medium and flaunt it. If it's painted and drawn, then it should look painted and drawn. That tactile feel and freedom of expression (no rigs!) is what makes hand-drawn animation unique.
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Congratulations to Disney Animation Studios and to all the talented people involved in the making of this film. Good work, guys!
This weekend, Disney’s "Frozen" became the highest grossing animated film of all time. Its $1.072 billion worldwide gross has surpassed the $1.063 billion of "Toy Story 3," which was the previous record-holder for biggest animated feature.
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Check out this awesome inside-look at Pixar's proprietary "Presto" animation software. It's really incredible how fast CG animation technology is growing.
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Hey, everyone! One of my friends just started a new Let's Play styled show on YouTube. It'd probably make his day if you gave his first video a look and gave him a like (and please subscribe!).
Thanks, you guys!
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Perhaps the only way to make Sungha Jung's skills more impressive is to give him twice the amount of strings.
This guy is a wunderkind. It's such a joy to hear his finger-style compositions.
#sunghajung   #fingerstyleguitar  
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