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Inge de Waard blog
I bumped into Inge de Waard at several mlearning conferences in the past. The last one at least six years ago. Time flies! At that time, she had just started the PhD journey and has now just completed her viva . Inge's blog - @IgnatiaWebs - has been a good ...

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Academic Study Leave presentations - Ara Institute of Technology - May 2017
Notes taken on the reports from Ara staff on their 2016 ASL. This 'sabbatical' is used in various ways by staff . Some update their discipline specific pedagogical understandings, others complete their PhDs or other research projects. I enjoy listening to t...

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Mike Rose's blog
While away just after Easter to support my aged parents, I managed to catch up on several blogs pertinent to my work. These will form the basis for the next few postings as it is important to match my perceptions with those of others who are also working in...

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AVETRA 2017 - Day 2
AVEtRA 2017 day 2 Day 2 begins at 9am after a late night conference dinner. Practitioner research is showcased with a series of presentations. Dr. Melinda Waters sets the scene. Shared two projects - scholarship project, association  of colleges UK and appl...

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AVETRA 2017 - Day 1
AVEtRA 2017 day This year marks the 20th anniversary of AVETRA- the Australian Vocational Education and Training Research Association. The conference is at William Anglian of TAFE in Melbourne. Conference began yesterday evening with welcome reception and 2...

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Grand challenges into the 21st century - bbc article
While catching up on international news on the bbc, I chanced on this article last week, on a collection of 'opinion pieces' revolving around the topic of ' grand challenges into the 21st century ' Several commentators provide their reflections on artificia...

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Disobediant Teaching - Welby Ings book
Welby Ings , who is the first tertiary teacher to be awarded the Prime Minister's Supreme excellence in tertiary teaching award , has a new book published. I have yet to read the book, but have had the privilege of being at several of Welby's presentations ...

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Techgirls and Makerspaces - two recent events
Summary of two professional development occasions attended recently. Both are initiatives to increase children's exposure and interest to science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects, although the sessions attended were focused mainly on techn...

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Future of Ubiquitous learning - book overview
Worked through this book last week, Future of Ubiquitous learning: Learning designs for emergingpedagogies. Edited by B. Gros , Kinshuk and M.Maina and published 2015 by Springer. The book is available as an ebook via the Ara library. Timely book to inform ...

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What makes us uniquely human - role of vocational education
 ‘Super artificial intelligences
(AI)’ are currently able to churn through vast amounts of data to create
solutions. Used in tandem with other digital tools including embedded chips in
other machines, humans and appliances (i.e. the internet of things), AI ...
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