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Work Ethic
I was working at a junior
high school when I learned that the teachers there usually spend all week at
school. One of the teachers I talked to came to school at 7:00am and left
around 10:00 at night with Saturday and Sundays taken up by club activities like...

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I was at a Japanese café when I heard what is likely the most popular song in the world right now, “Let It Go.” I have heard Japanese school children sing the song in Japanese and ,  when I belt it out in English, they instantly recognize it. I have even ca...

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My first entry into "Adopted Father," and a short one at that.

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Why do some churches in Japan die while others thrive? Perhaps it has to do with some looking too Western.

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A Tale of Two Churches: Foreign Versus Indigenous
To say it was a sea of grey-heads would be a drastic overstatement. It was
more like a puddle. There were eight congregants in all, plus three
foreigners. Eleven people in a church that could easily hold forty or
fifty. The pastor was just as old as the res...

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Missions in a First-World Country: Am I a Missionary?
What is a missionary? I once had a conversation with another American living here in Japan. He came here with his wife a year or two ago to work as a teacher in a private Christian school. Sometimes he and his wife sing at church services, special music eve...

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Call this post an experiment, an experiment in uninspired writing. I am in a horrible mood. There's no point is saying why, but let it suffice that I am. It is while in this mood that I decided to write about inspiration, and to do it without having a singl...

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The second part of my excuse for writing.

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An Excuse: Part 2
When I was a kid, I was terrified of becoming a missionary. I shuddered at the thought of, and prayed fervently against, being sent by God to a place like Africa. Hot, humid, full of dirt and dust. No Nintendo. No T.V. Just miles of bushes, trees, and self-...

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How Not to Play Magic: Sideboarding!
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