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Our Sunny Castile #soap  in Annie's of Aloha Mermaid Jewelry   #etsytreasury .  Thanks, Annie :)

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Cor Fil

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A Necklace of Wrens
For Mícheál Ó Ciarmhaic, file
When I was very young
    I found a nest
Its chirping young
     were fully fledged.

They rose and re-alighted
    around my neck,
Made in the wet meadow
     a feather necklet.

To them I was not human
    but a stone or tree:
I felt a sharp wonder
     they could not feel.

That was when the craft came
    which demands respect.
Their talons left on me
    scars not healed yet.

An Muince Dreoilíní
Do Mhícheál Ó Ciarmhaic, file
I mo bhuachaill óg, fadó fadó,
     d'aimsíos nead.
Bhí na gearrcaigh clúmhtha, fásta,
     is iad ag scread.

D'éirigh siad – is thuirling
    arís ar m'ucht
Ormsa bhí muince clúimh
     sa mhóinéar fliuch.

Níor dhuine mé ach géag crainn
    nó carn cloch
ach bhí iontas crua nár bhraith said
     ag bualadh faoi m'ucht.

B'in an lá ar thuirling ceird
    a éilíonn ómós:
is d'fhág a n-ingne forba orm
     nár leigheasadh fós.
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Cor Fil

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Instrument on our sun observing spacecraft, took its 100 millionth image! For more images and information, visit: 
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Cor Fil

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Make It Crochet | Your Daily Dose of Crochet Beauty | Free Crochet Pattern: Light Bulb Ornaments
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Cor Fil

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And here's another #etsytreasury  by Annie, Aloha Mermaid Jewelry, featuring our #MilkChocolate   #soap  !  Annie, you're a star :)

#naturalsoap   #etsyshop  
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Cor Fil

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Cor Fil

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Cor Fil

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#Googleplus #Circles
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