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A pocketful of fun.

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Up to 60% discount on selected Postknight gem bundles, as part of Google Play's Ramadan celebration!

Stock up for your delivery adventure!

#kurechii #postknight #indiegame #indiedev #googleplay #mobilegame 
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Tiny Guardians is part of Google Play's Ramadan celebration—now at the lowest possible price!

If you have been curious about Lunalie, Ashane, or the Fractured Forest—don't miss this chance to find out more!

A tower defense game without towers, Tiny Guardians is a refreshing strategy game for everyone :D

You can get it here:

#kurechii #tinyguardians #indiegame #indiedev #googleplay #mobilegame
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Postknight: Fractured Feat will be available on 25 May 2017!

Mark your calendars and keep an eye out for details of what else the update has to offer!

Also, we now have 2 million postknights worldwide! Thank you for joining us!
Do look forward to your next delivery adventure!
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Postknight: Fractured Feat will be coming your way soon!

The postknight journeys into the Fractured Forest—but what for?
(Some of you who have played Tiny Guardians would be familiar with the area.)

A new area isn't all that Fractured Feat is offering, the level cap will be raised to 99, granting new skills! Postknight will also be available in Chinese, Japanese and Korean as well, along with a handful of new features!

Curious to know what they are? We'll be releasing more information about each feature as we count down to Fractured Feat's release!

#postknight #fracturedfeat #indiegame #indiedev #kurechii #tinyguardians
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Good day postknights!

We may have seemed rather quiet, but the team has been constantly working to improve the game and on new content.

We have a huge announcement to make next week, it includes a few things that many of you have been asking about - so keep an eye out for the announcement!
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Postknight is officially released!
Embark on your delivery adventure now!

Download Postknight from:
App Store:
Google Play:

For more details, visit:
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Mark your calendars, Postknight will be released on 9 February 2017!

We will finally be moving past the early access stage and making the game completely available for everyone next month! At the moment, the team is still working to improve the game through fixes and feature enchancements. If you have suggestions or reports, do use the Google forms or drop us an email.

Also, many of you have asked about whether your progress will be saved upon the game's release. After much discussion, we would like to let you know that it will not be saved.
However, your progress will be rewarded with gems instead:
1. All the gems that you have earned and purchased will be retained*.
2. Additional gems will be rewarded if you have:
- completed Pompon (100 gems)
- completed Shello Bay (150 gems)
- completed Griffondell (200 gems)
3. Each fully upgraded armour set will also grant you 50 gems.

Example: if you have completed up to Griffondell with 6 fully upgraded armour sets, you will be receiving a bonus 750 gems on top of the ones you have earned and purchased.

To receive these rewards, please remember to KEEP YOUR SAVED FILE instead of deleting it.
*The compensation of purchased gems will only be available to Android players, as there are no official IAP for iOS players during the beta. A fixed amount of 200 gems will be rewarded to iOS beta players.

We understand that your progress is precious to you, hence our efforts to reward you for what you have achieved in Postknight so far. It may not please everyone, but we ask for your understanding as our choices are made in hopes to provide the best possible gaming experience to all of you.

#indiegame #postknight
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Merry Christmas, postknights! :D

May your holidays be full of cheer and joy (and successful deliveries)!

Can you spot everyone in the photo?

The team will be taking a break too, so we'll get back to your feedback as soon as we can.

#postknight #indiegame #indiedev #mobilegame
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Hello postknights, have you dropped by the Postknight Headquarters in game?

What about the official Postknight website? :D
Sign up for our newsletter there so you won't miss out on important updates!
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The closed beta for Postknight officially ends today - but fret not, early access is now available for everyone!

Join now:

iOS players, please submit your information here:

In this stage, you may come across unfinished features or glitches. We will continue to update the game every few days, so your progress might be lost or affected at times.

If you have feedback, please send them to us through this form:

If you encounter bugs, please send in a report here:"
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