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Looking forward to seeing all the awesome creativity that is submitted in the CFP.
Share your technology know-how and passion for open source at ‪#‎OSCON‬ 2015. Whether you're a designer, developer, sysadmin, or manager, we want to hear from you!

CFP open through February 2:

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Congrats to +Sarah Novotny and all at +Nginx, Inc 

"The web server is now used by more than one-third (39.4 percent) of the world’s busiest 10,000 websites, edging out Apache which accounted for 39.1 percent of those sites. NGINX already led the market in the 1000 sites, according to W3Techs."

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more people should be talking and thinking about this.  depression affects a staggering number of people.
Paul Fenwick always draws a crowd - but his talk on "Depression, Bugs in the Brain" was especially important. Watch the Mainstage Video from #OSCON  2013:

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It's super exciting to have NGINX included in Trusty main.  I'm going to try to stop by the release party!
Looking forward to the Ubuntu 14.04 release party in San Francisco on Thursday next week - - I hope to see you there, everyone is welcome! #ubuntu  

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art + tech has so much potential.

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The Community Leadership Summit 2014 is announced, but we are looking for feedback for how to refine the event from last year's attendees. If you joined us last year, please add your suggestions and ideas to our forum thread at #cls

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the ever evolving OSCON chair crowd!
OSCON chairs are like the open source Doctor Who. I'm now regenerating into +Simon St.Laurent, seen here with +Matthew McCullough, myself and +Sarah Novotny. Looking forward to a vital OSCON 2014 under Simon, Sarah and Matthew's care!

This picture was our chairs' after-party, hence the whiskey in my hand. They don't let me do that in the daytime.


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I'll miss you!
A few thoughts on my last OSCON as program chair. It's been a humbling and thrilling ride, and I couldn't be happier to have left on such a high note: a vintage 15th edition of the show.

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OSCON 2013 schedule published, registration open

Delighted to be able to share the OSCON schedule with you. +Sarah Novotny, +Matthew McCullough and I, along with a great program committee, have been working on this for a while and are very excited about it.

Check out the schedule at and snap up the early bird price!

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a brilliant assessment of what I hope next gen fitness apps will do!
Turning Fat into Gold
What a fitness app needs to be successful

So I have been using a handfull of fitness tracking apps, and hardware, and have come up with a short list of things I think every app must have.  I welcome your input.

1) Less manual input - I think any app must have an easy interface with all the major harware players out there, including +Fitbit+Basis+Nike (FuelBand,) +Jawbone (Up,) +Motorola +MOTOACTV Dev, +BodyMediaFIT (Core,) +Withings, and LarkLife (Not on G+) -- If you make an app, make sure it interfaces with all these and more.  The less I have to add manually, the more likely I am to continue to use your product.

2) Better Database of foods - If I chose to continue to count calories (I don't - more later) I want to spend less time tapping my keyboard, and more time self-evaluating, and making decisions.  If the app can scan a barcode on a product, and get the nutritional info, I move on to stretch, and exercise  if I have to type the name of the product, find the nutritional info on the box, and type that in... well, by then, you've lost me.  Sync your app up to the grocery stores, so if I eat the same thing every day for a week, the store, or manufacturer sends me a coupon, or better yet, their competition does.

3) Better feedback.  if I choose to allow push notifications (I don't, because they are not any good yet) then I want positive feedback, and useful tips. If I have been sedentary for an hour or so, the app should know if I am riding in a car (GPS) or sitting at a desk.  It could let me know to look away from my screen to avoid eyestrain, show me diagrams of how to stretch my wrists to avoid Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, it could remind me to take a break, and be healthier without pushing me to lose weight, or feel guilty.  If, near the end of the day, I have not met some goal I applied to myself for calories burned, or distance traveled, maybe the app could tell me that If I am not going to go jogging, at least I could stretch before bed, or while watching my favorite TV show.  The real value of the tracking app is tracking, and providing data feedback.  The value of the feedback it is keep reminding me of what I can do other than sit around and be fat.

There are more, but these will do for today.  What would you add, and why?

#Fitness   #Health   #data   #Tracking   #Apps   #MyFitnessPal   #MapMyRun  
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