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by the way... here are the items I'm still looking for most urgently in terms of my collection. if anyone has duplicates of these, I'd love to talk. Just mail me at

A Rough Guide to Boldhome
Tales of the Reaching Moon #20: Farewell Issue!
(also interested in TotRM 1-7 but not as urgently)
The Best of Tales
The Collected Griselda
The University of Sog City Guide
The World's Greatest Tournament
Ye Book of Tentacles 1

Does anyone have a link to the Sandy Petersen shamanism rules? I have the sorcery rules and it sounds like they're similar.

+Runeblogger of the Runeblog I think you mention them on your page?

Been catching up on the RQIV news from the podcasts... my current thoughts:

- The Rune system sounds very promising; so does the method of regaining Rune magic

- I didn't hear any mention of other passions (loyalty, love) mechanics. Did that bit of Pendragon make it over?

- Overall sounds like really good coverage of the non-Lunar Dragon Pass cultures

- I'm not aware of any extensive play testing. Did I miss this? I think a very public play test really helped D&D 5e come up with a finely honed product. I realize Chaosium doesn't have that level of resources to invest.

- As a fan of the Lunar empire I hope the 7 Mothers are depicted as one cult but rather 7 linked but distinct cults.

- Personally the "Great Sartar Campaign" leaves me flat, but I'm sure there will be others that are excited. 

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Thanks Chaosium!

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Glorantha fan makes good!

Sort of a real-world Heroquest...

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The Pharaoh was a Rune Lord!

As befits a solar, it's sky iron...

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Hi folks - hopefully this isn't tacky, but I finally unpacked all my game books (many were locked away after my daughter was born), so thought I'd share my Glorantha collection. 
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How great is this?

I'm trying to frame a Glorantha campaign (for players that are somewhat knowledgeable but are leery of its complexity), would love suggestions or brainstorming...

For me I'm going to avoid some parts I don't love: Dragon Pass, Orlanthi in general, and the meta-plot aspects of the Dragonrise.

So I want to focus on the Lunar empire... And I'm thinking earlier periods. My current thought: Redlands right after colonization. 

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Not to brag, but look at what arrived this week!

Thanks +PenDragon 777 for making this happen!
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