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My Week on TV! (23/06-29/06)
This week followed many finales so we only had two shows. Luckily for us, they are probably the best of their respective seasons. There will be spoilers . 2. Halt and Catch Fire : "Close to the Metal" (Seasons 1 Episode 4) If last episode only hinted that D...

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My Week in TV! (16/06-22/06)
This is tremendously late but for one it was not Orphan Black 's fault but Halt and Catch Fire 's. As always, there are spoilers . 6. Orphan Black : "By Means Which Have Never Yet Been Tried" (Season 2 Episode 10) So, it is official. The second season of Or...

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The Best Movie I Saw Last WeeK: All About My Mother
Even though I haven't watched a lot of movies this week, it has been an embarrassment of riches. First, because we finally were able to see Under the Skin , the new and jaw-droppingly good film by Jonathan Glazer. The only way this was not going to be the b...

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My Week in TV (09/06-15/06)
I am extremely late this week but that's what happens when you put off watching Orphan Black as much as humanly possible. Without further ado, this is the ranking of the Tv shows I watched a few weeks ago. Careful, there will be spoilers . 6. Orphan Black :...

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The Best Movie I Saw "Last Week": Now, Voyager
Between a weekend trip and a serious case of Friends addiction, this has been a very light week and a half. Still, we managed to watch a few Best Actress Nominees and it is one of these films the one that has the honor of being film of the week. Now, Voyage...

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The Best Movie I Saw This Week: Sleeping Beauty (1959)
This week was best-actress-nominee heavy and I loved Mike Nichols' Working Girl a lot (I had not enjoyed my first viewing of the film) but the winner is an animated movie, that is, nevertheless, filled with actresses, even if only in voice. This film is Sle...

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My Week in Tv! (02/06-08/06)
Here is the ranking of the shows I saw last week. Because of its special nature, Orange is the New Black will have its own post. Careful, spoilers are real. 6. Orphan Black : "Variable and Full of Perturbation" (Season 2 Episode 8) Aaaaaaaand, after the epi...

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The Best Movie I Saw This Week: Stella Cadente
This has been a pretty light week with only six films (it's what happens when you are rewatching Friends and watching Pushing Daisies ) but still there have been two monumental films. Since a lot of poetic has been waxed over Murnau's film (not that it does...

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My Week in TV! (26/05-01/06)
Here is a ranking of the episodes I watched last week. Only six! Summer must be around the corner... Careful, this is no country for spoilerphobes . 6. Penny Dreadful : "Resurrection" (Season 1 Episode 3) I did not enjoy this episode a lot. It was not bad b...

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