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James Long
A little bit lost, a little bit found.
A little bit lost, a little bit found.


Blackboard is currently down. I apologize for this. We were running a few updates as recommended by vendor support and services were not supposed to be interrupted. We will have things back up and running as soon as we're able to. Again, I'm sorry if this disrupted your course management.

Blackboard continues to infuriate. We performed a basic patch a week ago on our server and we have yet to fix all the things it broke. Instructors are currently unable to grade discussion boards and the Journal tool does not work. Also, a 30 minute idle timeout was put into place and has kicked instructors out in the middle of generating course material.

I know this will come as a surprise to everyone, but there's something wrong with Blackboard. Currently, if instructors attempt to access previously submitted assignments, they receive an error. Also, students will receive that same error if they attempt to submit an assignment. I am working with Blackboard to correct this and apologize for any inconvenience. It should be corrected by the time classes begin next week.

Blackboard: where the only consistency is inconsistency.

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This sums it up nicely...

Instructors: I'm currently building a course shell in Canvas to demo at this year's Summer Institute for Innovative Technology (SIIT '13). If you're interested, mark your calendars to be there. The workshop will be Tuesday, August 27th from 2:00 to 3:00.

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Instructors: feel like breaking away from Blackboard this fall? Sign up for a free account with Canvas and see what a 21st century LMS looks like. It costs nothing for you to use.

Dear Blackboard: You've had 9 major platform releases. Will you please build an equation editor that works?

Keeping my voice down when I say this, but Blackboard is currently up and stable. The only serious problem I'm aware of right now has to do with Respondus Lock Down browser. Mostly everything else seems to be working okay.
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