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Join me for a Workshop on Effortless Weight Management with Ayurveda. Saturday 10 June, 2:30pm at Drakes, Fulham Broadway:

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Yoga and Ayurveda are inseparable sister sciences. Johnson, Lisa and I are taking ourselves, the wisdom and you to Goa, India on a journey of Vedic wellness this December.

Take a week out of your diary to explore & celebrate the joyous, authentic you! Read more in my article about the evolution, growth and benefits of this ancient knowledge in Wo'Goa magazine.

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Yoga, Pilates Teacher & Healer, Johnson Anand Saurabh, Lisa Low & Ayurvedic Practitioner, Geeta Vara

Be Inspired, Be Healthy, Be Free

Learn how to eat intuitively & trust your body’s inner guide

Learn about eating for your body type according to your dosha dominance (elemental constitution)
Learn how to create a constant state of equilibrium in your mind body system
Learn how to stay healthy and fit through all seasons
Learn yoga in a non-competitive environment that will foster your growth potential
Learn how to apply a wide palette of integrative tools in your day to day hustle and bustle in urban city life


7 day Detox Program inclusive of vegetarian meals, fresh juices, snacks
2 daily yoga/pilates classes that are inspired by Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini and ANYA styles of movement with Johnson
A range of holistic treatments like Ayurveda, Thai Massage, Reiki, Acupuncture and Tibetan Herbal Healing
A daily guided meditation or relaxation session for mental clarity and inspiration
Ayurvedic Health Consultations – Geeta will guide you towards understanding what foods works best for your body type
Ayurvedic Health Talks – Geeta will impart knowledge on optimizing your overall health and wellbeing
Ayurvedic Cooking Demonstration – learn how to use Ayurvedic concepts in cooking to heal
The rich culture of India under the sunny embrace of the Arabian Seas
Rejuvenation of the mind, body & soul by nourishing it with care and love
Meeting like-minded people who will encourage and uplift you


New habits while shedding old patterns that no longer serve you
New perspectives and insight into what being “healthy” and “fit” really mean
Become the best version of you
This Retreat is Right For You if You:
Want to escape the December Holiday Frenzy
Truly want to make a beneficial change in your life
Have a beginner’s mind and curiosity to explore
Wish to delve into your physical, mental and spiritual well-being
Would like to cleanse and detox all that is stale and unnecessary from your life

About Samata Holistic Retreat Centre

Samata in Sanskrit translates as …. balance or equilibrium…. and it is the aim of Samata Holistic to be the embodiment of these ideals.  Samata Holistic Retreat Center is the primary fundraising Center for The Dunagiri Foundation for Himalayan Herbal Research and Yogic Studies.  It was founded with the intention of directly supporting the work of preserving the rare and endangered medicinal plant species of High Altitude Himalaya.

Situated a few minutes from the pristine northern coastline of Goa near the Maharastra border, it is the ideal place to turn off your gadgets, and tune in to yourself fully and completely.  It is perfectly located being in close proximity to the local markets, Hindu temples, Spice farms and Old Portuguese settlements.

The Center itself is separated into 2 properties that are within 5 minutes walk from each other in a quiet and safe neighborhood.  You will find your guest Cottages on a beautiful piece of property with a 100 year old massive Mango Tree surrounded by a beautifully nurtured Organic Veggie Garden. At the Main Center is the Tamarind Cafe, the swimming pool, and the fully equipped Yoga Shala.  And best of all, the structural buildings in Samata were constructed with recycled or reclaimed teak wood from the villages of Java, Indonesia.  So there will be a Balinese flair to your Indian journey.


About Ayurveda
Conventional Medicine is primarily focused towards the treatment of manifested diseases. Ayurveda is a science dealing not only with treatment of diseases but is orientated towards prevention, health maintenance and holistic treatment long before the manifestation of recognised health issues. Ayurveda literally translates as the ‘science of life’.

Ayurveda is an Indian medical science which can be traced back to the Vedas, the ancient scriptures of knowledge from India. The information on healthcare was transcripted to form a superior triad of texts known as Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita and Ashtanga Hridaya. They give both practical and scientific information on concepts of health, disease, disease management, material medica, pharmacology, therapeutics, herbal formulations, anatomy & physiology, hygiene, seasonal influences on health and more.

The holistic approach to Ayurveda uses physical, psychological and spiritual therapies to naturally restore balance back to ones doshas by encouraging the body’s inherent ability to self-heal. In Ayurveda, we believe disease to be the result of an imbalance in the body, mind or emotions.  These imbalances interfere with the body’s immune defenses. If this imbalance is corrected by means of diet, nutrition, herbal formulas, therapeutic treatments, breathing, meditation, gems, colours, yoga and more, the body can prevent and manage ‘dis-ease’.

This profound science is based on the philosophy that man is a microcosm of the universe and that our bodies are made up of five elements namely, space, air, fire, water and earth which are the same elements that make up the entire universe in varying combinations, all of which are responsible for the biological processes of all living organisms. Each person is made from a unique combination of these elements and is governed in the body by three bio-energetic forces (doshas) Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Illnesses prevail when these doshas are aggravated or imbalanced. Ayurveda takes into consideration all aspects of the individual including, seasonal influences, work, attitude, feelings, mood, relationships, lifestyle patterns, emotional state, habits, digestive strength, elimination, immunity etc.

About Yoga

Many people think that yoga is just stretching. But while stretching is certainly involved, there are 8 limbs to the yogic practice, which involves a way of being and living in a state of balance and freedom.  The physical asanas or yoga postures, combined with breath work and meditation become the vehicle through which one manipulates and harnesses the energy in the mind body system in order to exist in a state of happiness continuously in daily life.

When the connective tissue, muscles and bones co-exist in a state of harmony, then blood and energy can flow through the physical body with ease, and as a result we will also benefit mentally and emotionally.  There is an interdependent relationship between the mind and body, and yoga is about unifying the relationship between mind and body as One, so that we can move about our day to day pain-free and stress-free.

Each person has their own relationship with the yoga postures, as everyone’s physical, emotional and psychological make-up is different.  The amazing thing about yoga is that the longer you practice, the more you will discover the nuances and subtleties that make up YOU.  It is constantly evolving and changing WITH you.  Absolutely anyone can start a yoga practice.  It is not about how flexible one can be, but rather more about developing strength and flexibility in an environment and pace that helps you grow as an individual.  Click here to learn about the different styles of yoga that Johnson offers.

More information on schedule, logistics and pricing:

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Take advantage of the $100 off our Ayurveda Yoga Detox Retreat if you put in your deposit by August 1st. Yoga, Ayurvedic, Meditation, Art Therapy, Fun in the Sun, we can't wait! Share this with a friend, and if you're flying solo, don't worry, we'll find you an amazing roommate for the week, or you can always book a deluxe single. Find out more info about this unique retreat experience at
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Luxurious, indulgent & divinely healing 4-handed synchronised ayurvedic abhyanga now available. New & Exclusive at with Geeta Vara @Naya- 260 Fulham Road, Chelsea. Contact for more details:
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