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Hey guys, I just got my explorer calibrated and to what I believe ready to print.
However, I have a concern regarding the tubing that surrounds the PLA. It seems like A LOT of resistance. Especially when just feeding it by hand.. I epoxied the tubing to the gray plastic inserts that are attached to the brass pieces. I extruded the plastic through the tubing slowly and it actually seemed to move fine through the tubing.
 Heated my hot end to 185 +/-.During the the extrusion of plastic  through the hotend (Feedrate:100) it continued to bunch up at the tip of the hotend. I increased the feedrate/temp a little just to see what it would do... Same problem.
Eventually the plastic gray piece that I epoxied to the tubing popped out the the brass piece(top one closest to extruder stepper motor).

This brings me to the conclusion that the tubing is resisting the PLA too much and is preventing it from extruding through the hotend properly.

Any Suggestions? Thanks guys.
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