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Andrea Cerquone Perpetuini

Hey guys! I have installed the elementalX kernel on my n5 since I want to give it a chance. I am wondering if I would like to install the Franco kernel can I just flash the Franco zip over it or should I install the stock kernel first and eventually make some wipes?

Thank you in advance for your replies!


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Did someone notice that the chrome loading bar (the blue thing that shows you at what point Is the loading of a certain web page) is actually stacked on the left and it doesn't move during the loading. It finally moves only when the load is complete, but this doesn't allow to understand if a page is loading or not when, for example, the connection is slow.
This is happening whit the last stable PA on N5.

Hello everyone

I have installed yesterday the latest stable release of PA. Works great, but my Nexus 5 had a couple of random reboot. The last one on this morning when the alarm was ringing, and this also make me worried.
Does someone esle have this problem.

p.s. I have the last franco Kernel r54


Hi everyone. I am currently running Paranoid Android and Franco kernel on my nexus 5. For both I have installed the last release. I don't know why but I am experiencing continuous crashes with chrome. I gave also installed the beta version but I have got the same results.
I am using Dalvik as runtime. The Android stock browser included in the rom works fine.
Thank you for any help!
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