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Ashlyn M
College student & aspiring writer. Welcome to my world of words.
College student & aspiring writer. Welcome to my world of words.

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Leaving Time
The month before I
left for college I questioned everything. Attending college had been a dream of mine since I started high school and realized I wanted far more
out of life than the people around me. But now, as I stared my future in the
eyes, I felt fick...

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Wattpad Interviews. Honored to have been given this opportunity! #5Qi  

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Wattpad Block Party - Summer Edition
My post for the Wattpad Block Party - Summer Edition is now LIVE! Head over to the link below for exclusive bonus content from STAINED GLASS SOULS, an author interview, and a scene from THE MILLENNIAL CHILDREN.  Also: the lovely @Leila_Adams on Wattpad is f...

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Culture Shock
  Recently, I wrote a short, informal essay on cultural events in my life that have shaped or changed me, and I thought I would share it here, because even in times of summer, when life seems beautiful and bright, there is hardship. And -- I would hope -- s...

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What Are You Standing For?

New blog post! On faith, fiction & rediscovery...

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2015 & its Resolutions
we are, once again… A New Year, 2015, has chanced upon us! New possibilities
and opportunities stand just behind the usual barrier of resolutions for this
fresh set of 365 days. A resolution, in of itself, is a bit of a hurdle –
something that has to b...

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Merry Christmas!
To kick off the Christmas season, I wrote & published a short story, MISUNDERSTOOD MIRACLES , on Wattpad. Below is the bones of it; it hits a bit of a different note than previous things I've written, and hopefully in a fresh, interesting way... Summary: ...

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The Grace of Gratefulness
Coming on the heels of a rather incredible – and busy!
– Thanksgiving week, I wanted to take a longer, more in-depth look at what
gratefulness has become for me over the past year. Giving thanks has never come
easily to me; as somewhat of a pessimist, I ten...

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The Grey
Change, to me, is a negotiation. It is a process of
exchanging things, push over pull, whisking through the days and seasons of
life like the pages of a standout novel. For the longest time I lamented over the fact that
this business of change was handing

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A Touch of Summertime Sadness
Summer was a season of impetuousness. Granted, it is
not over, August has only just unfurled before me, poised to change the course
of my life before fall creeps, like a cancer, through my good intentions. Before
the cold comes there are a great many things...
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