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☼ Open a book and you can see the world ☼
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You know when you get jam on books and can't get the pages apart?

Well, that'll probably happen with that kid when you close it.
El libro es el 1º invento de virtualidad. Sin moverte te transporta donde sea
+Hernán Lemos Books, in whatever form, will always play an important role, apart from learning, in opening one up to imagination.
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is still a favorite book. I borrowed the copy I have years ago from a friend and I still read it repeatedly. I also have a copy of Frank Herbert's Dune; the first time I even found out about the story was the 80's movie, once I read the book I couldn't put it down. Both excellent stories with interesting views on life.
HHGTTG is amazing.

Got the trilogy of 4.

Adams was truly a great of the century.
+kenneth engelhard Listened to HitchHiker's on the radio in the early 80's. Read Dune when I was in High School mid 70's ;) Loved Douglas Adams' books, apart from ".... thanks for all the fish". Dune movie was a disappointment for me. Very difficult to bring the novel to screen.
Well then looks like I'm in the clear; i was sweating beads here, thinking I was being disrespectful without intent; I'm freeeeeeeeee, Sala, free I say, free
I was shorted one "breath taking horizon" in my copy of Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. Only had a popup "42"...
Al De
magnific !
rita rh
yeah you'r right interesting really interesting
i guess future boooks will b lik tht!!!!!!!!!!!1
its soo wonderfull world.. but its soo fantastic this photo ...liike.. :)
I know this book and it would seem the Tony's are still at battle. Gray Owl I know you do well. Even better than you do dear one. Tony Gray Owl my friend, in life, love, and Tony!
I am facsinated with the entire concept of the picture. Supberb
grew up in the rurual south and we read everything we could get our hands on. We even read each others schools books. Radios were only played at certain times because they mostly were operated with batteriesl. It was a time when imagination excelled for our entertainment. My mom always tuned in the program called (Stella Dallas) One of the first soapies.

we made up our own games and spent hours singing out of tunes songs. Mostly after the night meal and on the front poarch. Hop scotch and jump rope were our favorite games and today I have difficulty even throwing away a magazine. I cannot throw away a book. Musing is not sad. The books gave us insight to a huge world outside our limited area. I would soon see a large part of that world and the facination is always with me. I know this is outside the realm of today's youth with all types of artificial entertainment at the whim but put some of it down and do some thinking.
Love reading your comment +Wynona Gibson . Most of my life has been spent in cities but I was fortunate to have parents guiding me from a very early age to read. The "idiot box" was not the central attraction in our home :D
And it still is tuned on rarely in my home and mostly late at night. My old style radio is always oh but softly as a background. No matter where we lived or even what era reading is important to know and see what others contribut. My oldest daughter has a masters in library science and is director of our library. I used to get up at night and take the flashlight away from her because of lights out for night.
I dod not have the talk on line added to my computer yet. Thanks
I am enjoying your conversations about how you were raised. We need parents to pass along those gifts, to other parents that want to do a good job of parenting, but didn't receive it as children. I hope you will think about this and help me pass ideas to other parents, wanting to bless their children's lives. I never had parental help, but I went to school with all of my children. I worked in their classroom every year threw elementary school. I was still around threw out their educational years. That was how I made it better for them.
That is very commendable. I think one mistake I have seen over the years is a child need a parent to be a parent not a friend. They may rebel against you but in the end they realize you act as a parent because you are a mother and love them
My oldest grand daughter Jodie White has just joined us. She is witty , wise and has a great sense of humor. She is an amateur photographer but does some great work.
shrr budd gimme what ure on i need dat
I know this book well, and it will take you anywhere you want to go.
I like the concept the picture conveys
Which reminds me I really should be reading right now.Thanx
Lolz, read then, dont fall behind... : )
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