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Well, well, well. No 'repeal Obamacare' vote today because the Republicans can't agree on which degree of evil is appropriate. 

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I wouldn't say that I'm pissed off but I do see this as really, really bad taste. Really bad taste. City of Heroes diehards are like partisans for long-vanished nation states and are still nursing a grudge over losing our digital homeland. It's not logical, it's not entirely sane and it definitely is out of proportion, but the feeling is still there. (And I say that as one of those diehards.)

Bringing back CoH characters for your MOBA doesn't make us feel better about our favorite game getting shanked when it was still making good money, better than Wildstar right now, by a factor of three, for example. Not that I'm saying anything. I'm just sayin'.

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I have seen the Flash musical episode and it made me happy, like all the best musicals do. Kara and Barry are as cute as puppies, with a platonic chemistry that makes them utterly believable as two people who just bring out the fun in each other.

And the songs were fabulous. Also, Joe and Doc Stein as gay mobster co-dads. And that ending. Crank the sap up to 11 and remind me why I really, really like Barry and Iris as characters and as a couple, why don't you?

Well worth staying up too late and being grumpy in the morning.


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Posited: Southern style sweet tea with lemon is perhaps the highest beverage achievement of the American south. And yes, I'm including bourbon in that.


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This is good-ish news. I like the Terminator universe and the setup is basically evergreen. Bots, fights, chases and a big setpiece ending. In the hands of good directors and writers, it's basically cruise control entertainment.

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You people know me. I don't do speechless.

But this ...



I can't cant even joke about it.
Mulvaney agreed that he knew the bill would hurt children and prevent them from having access to nutritional food from organizations like Meals on Wheels, but he wants people to know he’s suffering too. "I don’t have a business card to give to you today, John, because, at the Office of Management and Budget, we have to pay for our own business cards. So it does start at home but it’s already started.”

My only argument with cute cat pictures with captions is not that we anthropomorphize their thought processes, value systems and priorities in a way that is entirely human-centric, but that we assume that cats, as a species, have terrible spelling and grammar skills.

I find this assumption both specious and speciesist.

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There are some fairly good reasons to be enthusiastic for another version of The Matrix and this article covers them nicely.

In my person best of all possible worlds, it would be a sequel to the original, ala The Force Awakens that ignores the second two of the original trilogy. But since we're not likely to get that, a post-Internet ubiquity Matrix would be damned interesting.

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Man, the first couple of episodes of Iron Fist are effin dire.

The lead actor recently basically told people to shut up, that the show was for the fans. I'm one of the fans. This show isn't for me. I'm not sure it is for, to be honest.

The boardroom soap opera stuff is embarrassingly 101, the martial arts scenes are just ... not good. There is no sense of weight or impact to them. It's like an endless series of slapfights that conclude when suddenly somebody hurls themselves in a random direction, as though the final blow was the only one with real force.

And let's not even talk about the homeless dude who existed only show how quirky and accepting Danny is and how magical poverty makes people, only to conveniently die when his narrative duties are done.

Or how embarrassingly bad the dialog is in places.

Or somebody having the same 10 second flashback 10 times an episode for two episodes.

But the biggest sin of the character is this misguided attempt to make him grimdark. Iron Fist is named Iron Fist. His comic book incarnation swans around in hot pants, slippers and a butterfly collar. And that's one of his good looks.

The best writers for Danny have made him a kind of avatar of white privilege and classism. He works with Luke Cage and Misty Knight and Coleen Wing in the more grounded corners of the Marvel universe but he's a quintessential tourist. A kung fu badass who is on a perpetual 'aid' vacation. Seeing suffering without truly understanding it most of the time and giving the characters around him a chance to talk to the comic audience about things they, like Danny, probably never see.

And Ed Brubaker recently redefined him as the heir to a pulp legacy, in a Kill Bill kind of milieu, where martial arts masters from mystic cities and corporate ninjas are both things that happen and need to be dealt with.

In both incarnations, he's very well-meaning, but a bit on the goofy side. A lovable loser with a multi-billion dollar company. And his friends make the character so much more bearable.

Either of those approaches would make this show infinitely better than Danny as Zen homeless guy who seems to want his old life back while pretending he doesn't want his old life back.

Hopefully this gets better, because right now ... ooof.


Somebody needs to make the next James Bond film about the British efforts to wiretap a crooked billionaire with an authoritarian streak who rises to popularity on the back of racist nationalism.

Is the title 'Dumbasses are Forever' taken?

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