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Eraldo B. Marques
I build things out of electrons [and I can sing].
I build things out of electrons [and I can sing].

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A light saber appeared on Led Zeppelin´s movie 'The Song Remains The Same' before G. Lucas featured it in Star Wars. Thanks for asking. #starwars  

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Weather imagery in Bob Dylan lyrics. Yep, science cum folk/R&B music.

Saying hello to all the nice people circling me back. Greetings!

Hello everybody. Thanks the new folks circling me. Cheers!

Hello everybody. Happy new year yall!

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That´s something worth sharing, at a moment when Brazilian industry drags its feet into a recession. A breath of fresh air, literally. #embraer #defense #aviationnews  

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A Christmas carol from Brazil ["The Old Little Man" - Santa -, played by the Paraguayan Luis Bordon. Enjoy the holidays! Peace! :)

The amount of freedom in any given nation is inversely proportional to the nation´s leader addresses length.

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Beware of intense [visible] blue lights.

"_For some animals, such as insects, blue light is more harmful than UV light._ " [which means your eyes can be compromised too]

If you liked what CO2 did to the atmosphere in the last 100 years, you´ll LOVE when Methane starts doing its magic. #globalwarming  
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