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Jamie Newman
I teach people how to manage people
I teach people how to manage people

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As a manager, there are 10 questions you Should answer before you put up that job posting.

Listen Here & Download the 10-Question PDF Worksheet -->

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Had a great time talking with +Jacob Morgan about leadership vs. management training, the future of work and something called the employee experience!

“The future of work is about people. It’s about the experiences that your people have and how to create an organization where the best people want to show up and give their all.” -Jacob Morgan

#yourbestmanager #employeeexperience

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How do you communicate the big picture to your employees? How do you handle a frictional employee? +Valerie Squires shares some great advice on today's show!

Check out the show notes here -->

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Do you lead from your office or the front lines? Do you tell your employees what to do or show them?

In episode 52, I talk about driving results while caring for people... by working shoulder-to-shoulder!

Show Notes:

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Part 2 is now up! Which means I'm counting down the top 5 moments from the past 50 shows! Check it out here --> #yourbestmanager

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Grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this piece at +kununu on leadership.

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Are you kidding me? 50 Episodes?

I just had to make this one EPIC! #yourbestmanager

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While it sounds really nice to say that your people are your number one responsibility… it’s actually not true.

Now, before you shoot me, I do believe that your people are extremely important!

In fact, without taking good care of your people, it’s going to be very difficult to build a successful career or business.

But they are not your number one responsibility. In fact, if you cannot fulfill your number one responsibility then you can’t take care of your people.

Listen Here:

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"We, as managers, let our employees down by not telling them hard things. Conversations are hard, people get upset, their feelings are hurt, but I think you've got to care about them enough and be willing to invest in them enough that you're going to tell them, 'there's spinach in your teeth!'" - Cassie Whitlock, Director of HR for +BambooHR

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These aren't just words... on today's episode, +Jason Kveton shares how he actually structures his day to ensure that it's all about the people. That includes building a strong culture in his Culver's Restaurants as well as intentionally focusing on OTED to become a better leader.

listen/read here -->

#yourbestmanager #leadership #culture +Culver Franchising System, Inc.
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