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Aleksey Savkin (BSC)
Business performance expert at BSC Designer.
Business performance expert at BSC Designer.

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Free webinar: 5 Ways to Quickly Improve Employee Engagement
On air: 16 July, 2017; 2 p.m. EST
Learn more and sign up:

Employee engagement is one of the most crucial factors of high business performance. Research by Gallup showed that only 13% of employees in the world are engaged. What about the rest? They are “disengaged” or “actively disengaged…”

What can we do about engagement?
- Can we quantify and measure it?
- What KPIs should we use?
- Can we improve it?
- What tools will help?

We invite HR professionals and CEOs to attend a free webinar “5 Ways to Quickly Improvement Employee Engagement.” During this webinar, we will discuss two important topics: how to measure the employee engagement, and once measured, how to improve it.

At the end of the webinar, we will announce an Employee Engagement Training that we will be doing November 16th in Lisbon, Portugal with an exclusive super early bird offer for the attendees of the webinar.

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It was an honor to support the authors of ¨Strategy and business model for JAB´S R&BD edge spin-off company" article presented on 2nd Conference on Innovative Teaching Methods, University of Economics Varna, Bulgaria with BSC Designer PRO software - automation software for the strategy scorecards. Thank you for sharing the new insights! 

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Firsthand experience using BSC Designer software in Athens, Greece, June 9-15, 2017.

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Good news for those who asked me about a guide for the KPIs: my new book “10 STEP KPI SYSTEM” is now available in paper and eBook format on Amazon.

How is this book different from 796 other book titles about KPIs on Amazon?

Before writing a single line, I formulated some guiding principles, one of them was: “If our clients ask, “How can I find a good KPI for…” – I want this book to provide a perfect answer.”

The word "system" in the title is not accidental – instead of sharing some disconnected best practices, I wanted to share a systematic approach to the performance measurement.

For the best results, I recommend implementing some of the ideas from the book in your organization. To support readers in the practical application, the Appendix 1 of the book includes a 7-page template. Feel free to use it when brainstorming new performance indicators with your team. The downloadable version is also available for the readers of the book.

Book page on

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The must-visit event for strategists, senior executives, and project leaders: 2-Day Strategy Execution Master Class in Brussels by Jeroen De Flander, internationally recognized expert in the field of strategy execution.

+ there is a special offer from from BSC Designer

Learn more:

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Learn about the best practices for building university scorecards and measuring various aspect of the performance with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). 

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This Wednesday, February 15th, at 2 p.m. EST we are hosting a free workshop "Using 12 Step KPI System for the Most Challenging Metrics and KPIs." The workshop is free of charge, but if you want to attend, you have to share at least one KPI/metric that is challenging for your organization now.

To sign up visit this page:

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Step-by-step KPI system completely updated. Check out new infographic, new steps, new cases! 
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