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Natually, I approve of this.

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This is rather clever!

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Just a cool flowchart.

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This is pretty awesome news to hear!

Pittsburgh friends, does anyone where know if Verizon DSL is playing QoS tricks?  I am having a heck of a time watching YouTube videos, but Vimeo is coming trough at top speed. 

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I agree, I think. Or something

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Friends and neighbors, this is happening tonight! Some of the best live  music and belly dance in the City of Pittsburgh!
What is the Belly Off?

The Belly Off is a competition that focuses on impromptu dancing to a live band. All contestants will receive a short taxim followed by an upbeat tune to finish their mini set. The upbeat tune will be drawn from Ishtar’s repertoire and challengers perform the selected tune on the spot. The panel of knowledgeable judges will determine the winners! The competition is open to dancers of all styles!

Not interested in participating? That is fine! Join us as we cheer on our local favorites in an exciting evening of Belly-rocking tunes provided by Pittsburgh's very own Ishtar! Admission to the show is $10! Purchase tickets here!

Entry fee: $40 for solo contestants and $50 for groups. Register by paypal or by check. Contact Janim at JENGAL55 at gmail dot com for registration information!


This year we will have three categories with a maximum total number of participants limited to 20:

Entertainer - 3 or more years of professional bellydance experience. One prop required.

Headliner - less than 3 years professional bellydance experience

Troupe - groups of 2 or more people

Prizes: Cash and fun prizes to be awarded to our belly-off champions. If you are interested in sponsoring an award, please contact us! Email to jengal55 at gmail dot com

Meet our Distinguished Judges: Sherena, Amartia, Kweilin Nasar, and Holly Kirby

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This one made me laugh more then I expected. I started reading, knew where it was but just didn't know where it was going.

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Latest video from Hakan Dances. Taken at Pennsic 41 dance expo. Tahtib to live sitar in a way that only Hakan can do! 

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I supported one of my favorite Web comics via kickstarter and this is what I got 
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