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Tracy Novick
Field Director, Social Media and Advocacy, Mass Association of School Committees
Field Director, Social Media and Advocacy, Mass Association of School Committees

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Massachusetts education funding history
As part of their FY18 Budget Browser, MassBudget has released program by program spending histories, adjusted for inflation. Here is the education chart: You can find the full education report (including the chart) here. 

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Public input session on Worcester Public Schools' strategic plan
I think I've made it clear that I'm rather dubious about the strategic plan process that the Worcester Public Schools are going through right now, however , there is going to be a public input session and it would be good for people to go. It appears to exi...

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So what did the Legislature pass?
Yesterday, the House and Senate both passed a budget agreed to by conference committee. It was filed that morning, meaning, as noted by State House News reporter Katie Lannan : 7 hours and 56 minutes from release to enactment. #mapoli

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Oh, and about the July Worcester School Committee meeting
...The only agenda posted is one for executive session at 4:30 pm (for collective bargaining with the teachers).

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What's a consent agenda and why you should care if you're in Worcester
As I mentioned in my preview of the final Worcester School regular meeting of the school year, Mr. Foley raised the issue of a consent agenda, something which is covered in today's T&G , as the item was held for the July meeting. The item as filed reads: To...

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Why you maybe should still be worried about Chapter 70
You've no doubt heard the quotes: "Chapter 70 is the third rail;" "Chapter 70 is sacrosanct;" "The Legislature would never touch Chapter 70." And if you've spent any time around this blog, you know that the state has a constitutional obligation around the f...

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Update from DESE regarding the late Commissioner
From today's Commissioner's update : Message from Acting Commissioner Jeff Wulfson:  This has been a difficult week here at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. With Mitchell Chester's passing, we lost not only an inspirational leader, but ...

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South High approved for Schematic Design yesterday
Yesterday, as reported in today's T&G , South High was approved for Schematic Design at the Mass School Building Authority meeting in Boston.  It is approval for a new building, with a budget (MSBA estimates) of $191M. You can find what the city (remember, ...

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About desegregation
Don't misread the Supreme Court on what is allowed. “To say you can’t use race after Parents Involved is really misleading, unnecessarily constraining, and may even make districts hesitant to do anything at all,” says Erica Frankenberg, an education policy ...

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What happens now?
Yes, I know Commissioner Chester just died. It's also been so long since we've needed a new commissioner--Chester was appointed in 2008--that I'm sure most of us don't remember how this works. Thus, your answer. We're now operating under MGL Ch. 15, Sec. 1F...
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