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Sam Fiorella
Customer Experience Architect, Corporate Social Business Strategist & Speaker
Customer Experience Architect, Corporate Social Business Strategist & Speaker
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Really disturbed by this.
This beautiful video's message is about tolerance, peace, and love but ironically inspires ignorance, hate, and vitriol from so man (in the comments). How do people jump from seeing people of all races, religions, and sexes loving each other to people loving animals and corpses? Or pedophilia?
Your hearts are either burnt and blackened or you're hiding some horrible things that have happened in your lives. Or maybe you just need a little love yourself. There is so much real tragedy in daily life - why add so much unnecessary hate to it?
#peace #love

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Is the growing reliance on technology creating a generation of ineffective or less creative marketers?  Today's debate over at Sensei.

What do you think? 

#marketing #technology   #marketingautomation  

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Global News did a feature on The Friendship Bench last night. Happy to get the word out there about this organization's efforts to connect students suffering with #depression  to the people that can help them. 

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One of the battles The Friendship Bench was created to fight is the silence that all too often prevents students suffering with heightened anxiety, loneliness, and depression from seeking the assistance they need.

Despite educational institutions investing time and money into mental health resources, the number of students attempting or succeeding at suicide is increasing.


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Conversations Over a Child's Grave

From first kiss to first break up, college application to job interview, we parents tend to plan for every situation, every conversation we'll have with our kids -- except for one.

#parentingadvice   #parenting   #mourning  

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Is brand-consumer engagement on Facebook a myth? 
Does your business really need to be there? 


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If you need a topic generator or a list of suggested blog titles, maybe you're doing it wrong? Or maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't be blogging at all. 

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Behind these eyes ...
My story of grief and coming to terms with the loss of my son. 
Hoping this will help others in a similar situation. 
#depression   #suicide  

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Smartphones and the Numbing of American Minds. ( Hope you are not reading this on a smartphone)
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