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Destiny “Soultamer” Devereaux
Indie PC Achievement Grinding, PvPerson in training, and More!
Indie PC Achievement Grinding, PvPerson in training, and More!
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Closed for maintenance. Check back in February for all sorts of new updates! (Also, adding G+ to my post spreading!) 

Quoth the original announcement, posting more! 

"What's Coming Next?
I'm going to be completely restyling the website! The header and background are going to change, as well as the buttons and the pages. 
I'm going to plant myself in more communities! I don't really know exactly in which directions I'm going to go first, but I'll definitely be spreading my link farther and wider than ever before! 
I'll be playing more games! I'm going to try to figure out how to record play-throughs and I'll be taking a few alternative review approaches here. 
I will be taking the site down for two weeks, starting on the evening of Saturday, January 17th. 

What's NOT Changing?
I'm still to be available on Twitter @DSDevereaux! I'll be posting about more games and still connecting with all the same people as before.
I repeat, I will STILL be covering Pirate101! The second updates come out, I'll be back and playing! 
The URL of this website will still be the same! 

What WILL be Changing?
The name of the website will be changing! Destiny's Travels is soon to become...well, something else! I'm between names right now, but I'll release that information when I can on Twitter.
Types of posts coming out - I'll be covering more games! My next post after the re-launch madness will be about Nihilumbra!" 

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Closed For Maintenance | Back Feb. 1st
A shot from one of the first games I'll be reviewing Leaving this post up as an announcement on various blogrolls and the like. Thanks, everyone - see you in February!

Wanted: Chess Expert as Post Supplement - must have understanding of tactics and Pirate101. 

Got a G+!
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