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Land Riader Caledonia complete!
Well I have an update on the Land Raider Phobos that I posted a while
a go. After a recent game, in which it survived 3 turns of shooting, I
found some motivation to get it painted and did so. So here is the Land Raider Caledonia I acknowledge the weather...

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Imperial Fists showcase
I was asked recently for an army shot. Thought it has been awhile, and since it was sunny, thought I'd give it a shot. Lords of War Rogal Dorn Fellblade 'Eidelweiss' Typhon HQ Sigismund Alexis Polux Lysander 4 Power Armour Praetor/Consul/Captain 2 Librarian...

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Archamus the Praetorian of Dorn, Master of the Huscarls
I've finally decided to make Archamus, the main character from the Praetorian of Dorn novel. He was a great character in that book, and since finishing it, I've wanted to make him, and include him with my Fists.   To that end, I have looked around for the m...

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30k Battle 1500pt Imperial Fists vs Alpha Legion
This was the first game form 2017 a few weeks back. We both took a lot of infantry, though I as usual went for my armour, and my friend went for shenanigans.  It was a relaxing fun game, where I broke my usual rule of fully painted and took a few wip units ...

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Something just for fun
Being rather nostalgic for my High Elf army of old, I picked up this Korhil model of the ol evilbay and gave him a touch up. I just felt like painting some fantasy, and this model scratched that spot rather well. Hope you like.  I tried to add some design t...

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A year in review
Well I acknowledge it is a bit late, I thought I would at least look at my hobby accomplishments for 2016, and for once set myself some goals for 2017. Lets have a look at what I managed to paint for 2017. I also managed to assemble some more for my Fists. ...

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Huscarl banner bearer complete
I know I am meant to be working on the new army, but this model just kinda begged to be complete. I felt that Dorn and the Huscarl's needed a banner for the army, just to feel complete. The banner itself is from the 25th Crimson Fist anniversary model, whic...

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I have finished assembling the last of the squad, and have even made an attempt at a colour scheme. As already stated, they will be painted black in the Justaerin style, but finding a good black scheme, other than just painting them black, has been quite di...

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The next project
I have been working on and off on my Imperial Fists for a long time now. So I thought it was about time for a change. My Imperial Fists had a very definite theme to them when I started them, being a mechanised force, all mounted in armour. The same would ap...

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30k Imperial Fists vs Alpha Legion/Questoris Knights
I managed to have a 2500pt game against my friends Alpha Legion, bolstered with a few of my Knights to make the points. Normally I write a fair bit about these games, but I always forget to take notes, especially on the mission that we play (considering I j...
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