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"If you see this message on the Manual Actions page, it means that Google has detected that some of your pages may be using techniques that are outside our Webmaster Guidelines. The site appears to use aggressive spam techniques such as automatically generated gibberish, cloaking, scraping content from other websites, and/or other repeated or egregious violations of Google’s quality guidelines."

If you get this message What the heck do you do about it?

And if it only MAY or APPEARS to have these problems, but in the meantime your business is CRUSHED what and who do you talk to?

Realizing that Google is a company that gives vague pronouncements of wrong doing, with the full realization that they have just cut you off at the ankles.  What if they tell you they did it today at 1:15 AM?  Was there a person up and working for Google at 1:15 AM to give you this MANUAL ACTION.

Doesn't MANUAL ACTION imply that someone manually slapped your site silly?  Shouldn't this person that just affected your livelihood have to be specific as to WHY?

 Realizing Google just doesn't care if you are put out of business or not, you set about looking for the culprit or culprits.  

Lets start with the first accusation: *Automatically generated gibberish.*  It seems this would be easy enough to check, just read your site content, Oh wait, you wrote the content and you know this doesn't apply.

Next in their arsenal of accusations is Cloaking, clearly if you built the site you know this is true or not.  Let's say you wouldn't even think about using cloaking for the very reason that Google may use it as an excuse to chop you.  So it's not this either.

Next is the big one "Scraping content from other websites", so you wrote this stuff did you scrape content?  When I write my articles I go out to the Google first page results site for the product or keyword that I am going to write about.  I make prodigious notes about what and how the author approached their subject.  I then write freehand about the product or keyword, picking up specific references from my notes such as the product name and how it may be titled in Amazon's market place.  Is that scraping?  If it is, then all the stuff written on all websites is scraping.  How can you not research your product thoroughly before you write.

Just to be safe you can run your stuff through CopyScape or some such tool and see if, and how much of your supper content is duplicated elsewhere.  If a product name as described by the manufacturer is duplicated is that what Google is complaining about? If the product is an "XYD Personal Computer", if you use that name are you guilty of scraping content?  I would hope not...

Well, if you got to here that leaves the obvious remaining accusation catchall of and/or other repeated or egregious violations of Google’s quality guidelines.  Have you read these guidelines?  Do you realize how convoluted and vague these things are?  Where does one start?

My first impression is that Google needs to be very clear about what they have found.  They shouldn't be allowed to make innuendoes about what you MAY or APPEAR to have done.  That's a bit like yelling at the dog about something it did wrong a day ago.  How is that poor dog going to connect the dots?

Clarity and conscience is something Google needs to work on, SOON!  Reaching in and ending a persons financial economy should not be something to be taken lightly.

Yeah, I get that there are some really bad dudes out there that feed off of the naiveté of Google and many of the rest of us, but using a scythe to cut a single weed out of a field of wheat seems bound to get more than the weed.  And doing so just because one can isn't a good enough reason either. 

In no other area of commerce can a company dictate the processes you must follow and also control your financial rewards by mere whim or vague accusation.  Most companies doing this would be in front of the proper governing bodies in a flash, and be held accountable for their actions.  Google's actions seems to toss sand in the face of this possibility.

It seems other countries/governments are not as passive about Google's practices, and they are starting to take Google to task for their egregious behavior. 

#purespam   #GoogleClarity   #AbuseOfPower  
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Camouflage, How To?

So, you thought we were pretty good at camouflaging out troops?  This guy can teach us a thing or two.
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The Investment You Need

Late last year I posted a photo of a house that was available for sale along with 4 others.  This is an analysis of that investment and the benefits it could bring to the investor.

Let me know your thoughts and impressions.

It's important to note here that I have taken the least aggressive method of depreciating the improvements of this investment.

I could increase Year 1 additionally tax sheltered income significantly by taking component depreciation, and perhaps taking all or a portion of the personal property as a section 179 deduction.  If you are unfamiliar with section 179 deductions and component depreciation, let me know and perhaps I can further enlighten you.

Do you have a potential 2015 tax situation that is going to take a big bite?  Do you have a large tax burden in 2014 that caught you by surprise?  If you have either of these this property investment can help alleviate some or all of those problems.

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STEREOTYPE   |ˈsterēəˌtīp, ˈsti(ə)r-|
A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing: the stereotype of the woman as the carer | sexual and racial stereotypes.
a person or thing that conforms to a stereotypical image: don't treat anyone as a stereotype.

Think of the many ways our society stereotypes much of what we perceive.

There used to be a time when it was forbidden that a persons undergarments could be displayed on televised content.  Currently we have a very relaxed, perhaps even casual, attitude towards partial or even complete nudity being displayed on television, during prime viewing times.

If our children and grand children are brought up where public nudity is acceptable conduct, and that sexual activity is casual and acceptable in nature, what are we providing them for their stereotypical guidelines?

Our society promotes stereotypes in many ways.  While not all black actors act parts that portray blacks as dangerous and murderous villains, enough of them do, that we have created a stereotype for dangerous looking black people.

Imagine yourself in a large city.  You are walking down the street among all of these other folks.  A large, bearded, tattooed black man approaches you.  This man is dressed in a hoodie, and very casual clothing.  How threatened do you feel right now?  Why do you feel this way right now?

This guy may be on his way home from a workout.  He may be a community leader in his area of expertise.  He may be a very responsible and caring person.  But our media is so full of stereotypes of what and who this man might be, we are on guard.  We are in the flight or fight mode.  Our adrenalin is pumping and we are on the edge of conflict.  Then this guy just passes us by, as if we weren't even there.  Whoa!

I have been listening to some very significant discussions about our police forces and how they treat people that are not caucasian.  Our televised and media content that creates stereotypes is telling us that all policemen are on the take.  That they all have a private agenda that has nothing to do with the stated goal of all police departments to "serve and protect".

Yet these very same police forces are doing all they can to understand the problem that is present.  They are all asking, Why does this happen?"  Why do people take such a dim view of who a policeman is?  What can be done to change this perception, this stereotype?

Perhaps our media needs to start changing how it presents the stereotypical policeman. Perhaps they need to contribute to the process of understanding and communication that needs to be reshaped to a more positive perspective.

What is the stereotype for American politicians?  Is it accurate?  Why do we as a society accept bad behavior from our leaders?

For me the stereotypical politician is a grasping, money hungry, individual that is looking out for their own self and how they can make it big from all of us smuck's.  Is this a fair view of all politicians? Most likely not.  I'm sure there must be some good politicians out there somewhere.  People that believe that the office they fill is an opportunity to help to govern the people, for the people and by the people.  To accomplish great things for the people they serve.

Sunday morning musings.  Perhaps not the best way to begin a day, but begin it must...

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"We Now Know How Many People Will Get Cancer From Soda"

"We don't think any food additive, particularly one that's only purpose is to color food brown, should elevate people's cancer risk," Consumer Reports toxicologist Urvashi Rangan said in a statement on the group's website. "Ideally, 4-MeI should not be added to food."

This is a very interesting article about color additives that are in sodas.  Here is the link out to it.
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"Holy Hallucination, Batman!"

So I saw +Sara Runcie 's post about the rectangular holes in the strata of an image scan done by MSL Curiosity panorama at Sol 840.  While I wasn't impressed with the rectangular cutouts in general, I was curious to see what else might be found within the scan.

Are those things roots?  Really, are they roots from something that had grown there before?  I am flummoxed.  It would be really cool to be the first human to see actual proof of life on mars.  But naw, with all of the experts that must have pored over these photo's, surely I wouldn't be the very first person to have seen it!  Would I...

Holy Oversight, Batman!

Of course you could go see this for yourself, maybe you'll find something else...

#MarsLife   #LifeOnMars   #marscuriosity   #RootsOfMars  
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What is it Worth?

In the image below are some of the possible returns on CASH invested in a CD (Certificate of Deposit).

If a person invested $10,000.00 for 1 year in a CD they would have, (without taking into account any compounding that may be available), a value of $10,099.00 at the end of a year.  Using the same circumstances a $100,000.00 1 year CD would have a value of $100,990.00.  There would be no appreciation, cash is a static investment.  Baring the bank you have chosen going bankrupt, the risk of loss is minimal.

Investing the same amount of money in Real Estate at a 7% Cash on Cash return, it would look much different.  $10,000.00 for 1 year at 7% would, (without taking into account any compounding that may be available), create a value of $10,700.00 at the end of a year, plus if the investment appreciated at the national average of 3.5%, there would be an additional equity value increase of $350.00 for a total return of $1,050.00 (computes out to $87.50 per month).

$100,000.00 for 1 year at 7% would, (without taking into account any compounding that may be available), create a value of $107,000.00 at the end of a year, plus if the investment appreciated at the national average of 3.5%, there would be an additional equity value increase of $3,500.00 for a total return of $10,500.00 (computes out to $875.00 per month).

The risk is greater, owning Real Estate than depositing your cash in a CD, but the reward is 10 times greater than the safer CD investment.

I have been a Real Estate investor from the time I was 23 years old.  I have done very, very well, in the field.  Risk Reward ratios have been a part of my entire adult life.  I do admit that I have spread the risk around a bit by owning businesses, stock, buying and holding minerals, investing in antiquities.  However, my best investment has always been REAL ESTATE.  As a famous gentleman used to say, "Buy Real Estate, they ain't making any more of it!"
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Just Under 5 Acres, zoned Highway Service $1,200,000.00 FOR SALE

Approximately 198,560 Square Feet at 800 Pronghorn.  (See area outlined in red in the attached image)

This property is within the city limits of Casper Wyoming.  It is fronted by two primary roadways North Poplar Street to the West and W 1st Street to the South.  These are two of the heaviest traveled roadways in the City Of Casper.

Hardie's Restaurant is to the SouthWest and the Goodyear Tire Dealership is to the East.  This is PRIME real estate, waiting for an Investor/Developer to take charge and make it into the Golden Goose it was originally intended to be.

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$758,000.00 (Approximate Annual Gross Income) FOR SALE

All within the City Limits of Casper, Wyoming. A portfolio of Real Estate, and businesses ready for the Astute Investor to walk in and take over.

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Five Homes Comprising 6 Living Units; Generating $5,645.00 Per Month in Income, $67,740.00 Per Year In Income


These properties are located in Casper, Wyoming.  They take up most of a city block, are easily rented, and stay occupied once rented.   

68 Year Old Grandpa wants to go back to California to be around his grandchildren!  He also wants to be free to travel to visit all of his other Grandchildren.

Grandpa is selling out his entire Real Estate Portfolio of 27 other building and a total of 67 living units, a stamp manufacturing business, and a property management company.  For the right person this would be a walk-in and take over business with ample growth opportunities.  The balance of living units and businesses is at the perfect size for a mom and pop investor to take over and take off.

For details call 1-(307) 266-5317, talk with Donald or David.

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