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An open, crowdsourced, privacy-preserving, virtual assistant (part 1)
Hello all, I have been encouraged to blog more, and that is not hard because anything is more than nothing. So here I am, while waiting for some Mechanical Turk results, with part one of a series of posts in which I'll explain the work we've been doing in t...

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Sabrina is here!
The Mobile and Social Research Group of Stanford (aka Rakesh Ramesh, Silei Xu and me, under the lead of prof. Monica Lam) is proud to announce the first public beta release of Sabrina.
Sabrina is a virtual assistant based on Thingpedia, a crowdsourced repository of interfaces, devices and service descriptions. At this point, Sabrina supports 28 different devices and services, and 22 more are coming soon, but anyone can contribute more interfaces for more services, in the spirit of open source.
Sabrina is also open source, and we welcome feedback and contributions.
The beta version of Sabrina for Android can be downloaded from the link below.

Hi everyone!

If you are a liferea user, I have something for you!
I made an xdg-app build of liferea using webkit2, and it's available on my personal xdg-app repo ( ).

Among other things, this solves the very frequent and annoying crash reading Phoronix. And it's a lot more secure than the current version - by combining sandboxing and a modern webkitgtk!

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A little spam on our current research work!

Hello good people and good neighbors. Over the next couple of weeks I will be looking around to buy a car, so if you're selling or know someone that is selling I would love to talk to you! Looking probably for a used sedan in the 5-10k price range.

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I wanted to donate $10, but they already have my name in the code :D

The next person to claim btrfs is ready to be the default in Fedora will have to come and fix my filesystem, dead after just 3 weeks of usage - and no btrfs wiki allowed!

(For the record, thanks to the wiki I found the magic sequence of dd commands to restore it to a point where it was still corrupt, but at least the rescue commands would not crash immediately. Still, an assertion that the superblock is valid, when I'm clearly telling you it is not, does not seem smart to me)

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You have about 55 hours left to do TheRightThing(TM) donating something to the awesome +Christian Hergert to build builder!

Dear Lazyweb,

With much sadness, I will soon need to buy a new laptop to replace the 6 year old Dell Latitude that served me so far.
At the moment I'm undecided between the 15" Mac Book Pro in its standard configuration and the Thinkpad W540 with a few small upgrades but before I commit to one or the other, I'd like to ask you:

Are there any known hardware issues with any of that? Or anything that you found to be terrible, like an uncomfortable keyboard or a poor screen? Is the battery life in either acceptable?
Is there any Linux incompatibility? For example, does wifi work without issues in the macbook (under Fedora)? Does the Thinkpad touchpad work (with multitouch, edge scrolling, etc.) with standard drivers? Does the Thinkpad do Wifi direct properly (as I see the Intel 7260 is the only chip that supports it)?

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A proof of the bikeshedding law!
Fun trivia:
Word count of the US Constitution: ~4483*
Word count of the Wikipedia article on toilet paper roll orientation: ~5276*

Some things are just more complex than others.

* quick wc -w, not including references. a rough measurement at best...
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