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Facebook is to “Friend” What Apple is to “Genius”

Wow!  This is a must read!

A little bit of history about this article.  My friend +Nick Eller came to me a few months ago explaining how Facebook had ruined many parts of his life.  I introduced him to my story about the exodus and how I made my exit from Facebook.  I privately messaged every single one of my "friends" on Facebook telling them I was leaving.  If they wanted my phone number I would respond via Facebook message or email.  I got three responses.

Fast forward a few years and +Nick Eller has removed Facebook from his life and his wife, +Ashleigh Eller, saw a difference in him.  She recognized that Facebook was hurting parts of her life as well.  They are both Facebook free and this article explains how much happier they are.  

This is not an article slamming Facebook or Apple.  It is simply a personal story about how some "friends" are not truly friends.  As Nick says:

"A true friend will push you to better yourself. A Facebook “friend” will gladly like a status, regardless if it is good or bad. They’ll console you, because it is faster and easier to type out a comment than to call and have a conversation about it. We have both agreed that we’re going to make the investments in people that are willing to do the same for us. I will take the handful of true friends I have over the hundreds of “friends” that I had."

Please read this story, it is amazing!

#googleplus   #facebook  

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Definitely go over these slides! For me Go code is the most readable. What about you?

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After seeing +Lawrence Kesteloot's awesome trs80 emulator today it occurred to me that Go is developing a reputation for writing retro computing emulators (not to mention LISP interpreters) Here are the four that I know of, which ones have I missed ? 

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Don't miss Peter Norvig's latest blog post, especially the setup at the beginning and the data at the very end.

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made a presentation with impress.js, an awesome tool if you can don't mind messing with HTML, CSS, and geometry

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Spanner: Google's Globally-Distributed Database

I and many others have been working for the last few years on building a large-scale storage system that can manage data across all of Google's datacenters.  This system underlies Google's advertising system, among other products.  We'll be presenting a paper describing the system (with 26 co-authors!) at OSDI 2012 next month.  We've now put up a web page with a link to the PDF of the final version of the paper.

Feedback is welcome, of course.

Here's the abstract of the paper:

Spanner is Google's scalable, multi-version, globally-distributed, and synchronously-replicated database. It is the first system to distribute data at global scale and support externally-consistent distributed transactions. This paper describes how Spanner is structured, its feature set, the rationale underlying various design decisions, and a novel time API that exposes clock uncertainty. This API and its implementation are critical to supporting external consistency and a variety of powerful features: non-blocking reads in the past, lock-free read-only transactions, and atomic schema changes, across all of Spanner.

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Yesterday was a long but super fun day in Startup Alley at Techcrunch Disrupt for Klamr! Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table and for your support, questions and feedback. For those of you who didn't get a chance to go to TCDisrupt, you can check out these great pictures. Also make sure to give us your feedback on Klamr either at or here. Can't wait to go see more speakers today at TCDisrupt!
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