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Joanne Merrick
One multi-faceted lady, a diamond in the rough - still working at it.
One multi-faceted lady, a diamond in the rough - still working at it.

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I am working on a figurative sculpture, which is almost done, that deals with abusive actions and the recoiling figure that in futility fends off verbal, physical, emotional abuse. I am almost to the point of getting this piece bronzed and to get in contact with organizations that may wish to purchase such a piece, the first of a series, but that takes funds I don't have for the bronzing yet.

My huge dilemma is that I have nowhere to work. There are not even enough
funds to rent a one bedroom apartment, let alone studio space. I have been content for the last 3 years since moving from the east coast, living above a commercial garage while going to school, but continued illness and sleep deprivation has made it impossible for me to carry on with a program at Mount Hood Community College, (MHCC), so I am in need of a place to work and create so that I may earn enough to supplement my living.
Because of my disabilities, I can not do a regular job so my art, God's gift, is all I have and with His blessings, it is all I should need. Prayers and a Miracle is greatly needed. Through my imperfection, He can shine.
Thanks to all who have helped in any way in the past, my heart is deeply moved. This is not easy for me to share.

I haven't figured out Kickstarter yet, but for anyone who would like to see and support my God-given abilities continue and prosper, you can write to:
Joanne Merrick
PO Box 1033
Boring, Oregon
To God be the Glory!

I am still following my passion with sculpting and now throwing. Feeling the clay of the earth flowing freely between my fingers is a language all of its own. Knowing the placidity, texture, and timing of its life before the fire is the stimulating vibration of the creative process. JMMerrick

Very Interesting since I didn't post those pictures on here. One was up on my fb wall and the other only in a personal email. Hate how certain programs seem to be able to grab and snatch things from personal communications.

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