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Hi All

Great news, I've just released Go FPV in the Google Play app store:

It would be great if you could add a review to let other users know about your experience with the app!


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I just added an alpha channel and published version 2.2.1, which further minimizes rendering latency.

There are no new features, just faster rendering.

Join the alpha channel here and let me know if you notice a difference in performace:

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New Version!

Go FPV 2.1.1 introduces a highly optimized image rendering pipeline. Depending on how fast the Video -> USB card you're using is, I would expect < 50ms latency while not recording, and slightly higher latency while recording. Either way, the latency is not noticeable.

I went flying with my Go FPV goggles and recorded this yesterday:

Speaking of the video conversion card, I'm looking at building a usb adapter that goes straight from 5.8ghz (32 channel rx) to USB. Would anyone be interested in this?

For folks that tried version 2.1 on Android Version <= 22 and experience a crash on load, that should be fixed as well.

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I'm putting the final touches on an optimized release.

The test details are here for folks interested in rendering speeds and expected latency:

I have a question for the community. "Go FPV" isn't an amazing name. I'd like to rename the app to something topical and pithy. Here's an example to get brainstorming: "luxcam" -- lux from the Si unit for light + camera

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I just noticed that banggood changed their links. Make sure you order a UVC adapter, not an EASYCAP if you order from them.

I have updated the link on my blog, also, here is the correct link:

Since they're currently sold out, you might try ebay or aliexpress as well. Just make sure to get the UVC adapter.

Did you know? Go FPV supports any Android phone with a UVC Driver (most 4.4+ Android phones have this driver) and any type of UVC camera, including most USB Web cameras!

If you have a new setup that works, please respond to this post with your known good Phone + camera/UVC adapter

To install Go FPV from the Google Play store, click this link to become a beta tester:

Then install the app:

You just need one of these UVC USB Capture Cards and a recent Android phone. You must get a USB capture card that supports UVC! Easycap cards may be supported in the future but are currently not supported.

Install the app before buying the capture card and it will check if your phone should be compatible. If you see a thumbs up in the app, it should work and you can order the capture card.

Please post any issues, comments or suggestions to this forum and do my best to take care of 'em.

Thanks for trying out the latest version of Go FPV!

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