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Travellers Worldwide is a leading international provider of Voluntary Placements and Work Experience Internships overseas
Travellers Worldwide is a leading international provider of Voluntary Placements and Work Experience Internships overseas

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BREAKING NEWS. We are very excited to announce our brand new Last Minute Adventures, just for you!

We have 6 fantastic volunteer projects, that urgently need YOUR help over the next few weeks. You can save up to massive £200.00 off on your Last Minute Adventure. From getting stuck into looking after rescued & abused Orang-utans to bringing alive a child’s education in Cambodia! You can volunteer and make your impact.

Make your adventure count – Explore. Learn. Inspire.

Last Minute Adventures is our way of being able to help Travellers projects in need, which is why we need YOU.

You can find out more about more here:

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Care for Children with Learning & Physical Disabilities
Make a real difference to the lives of children with learning and physical disabilities in India. From helping with arts & crafts to yoga sessions with the children, there’s never a dull moment!
Price: £200 / US$255) REDUCTION off the regular price if you start your project within 28 days. Please note that the discount won't show on the booking form, but will be applied when you receive your invoice.
Duration: Minimum 2 

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"The legendary television presenter's pleas to prevent a road being driven through the Bornean rainforest that has created a special place close to his heart have saved the precious wilderness.

Building a road bridge across the Kinabatangan River and Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary in Malaysian Borneo would have isolated the small groups of orangutan and elephant that survive in the remote forests.

Other wildlife would have also suffered during the heavy construction work, leading Sir David to make a heartfelt plea to the chief minister of the Malaysian state of Sabah, warning of the "significant negative effects" the road bridge would have on wildlife.

It has now been announced that Sir David's letter, written in his capacity as a patron of the World Land Trust (WLT,) and campaigning by fellow conservationists have won the day.

Sabah officials say the presenter's pleas for wildlife had been heeded by the authorities, and the bridge project has been abandoned" 

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Volunteer at the World renowned Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation and Conservation Center in Borneo.
This unique centre offers an Orangutan experience like no other!
Over the 8 weeks you will gain a level of involvement and understanding of these beautiful creatures that no other project can even come close to.
To find out more details follow the link or email

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Victoria Falls can be viewed from Zimbabwe or Zambia

"Victoria Falls, in Zimbabwe, has been called one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.

It is neither the highest, nor the widest but is said to be the largest waterfall due to the sheer volume of water, estimated at around 500 million litres of water a minute, that comes crashing over the precipice" 

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Get involved in conservation and community development work on this excellent multi-activity project in the Amazon Rainforest! You'll benefit from professional training and actively assist in the environmental monitoring study at multiple locations.

Begin your programme in the Inca city of Cusco where you'll receive an induction and orientation before travelling through the High Andes to the Acjance Park Guard Station and the Cloud Forest. Then you descend into the Amazon via motorised canoe down the Madre de Dios River. The journey to the Project is spectacular, an adventure in itself!

For more information take a look at the webpage for this project here:

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Happy belated birthday to Tina Tellefsen all the way from Demark who along with her husband, son and daughter, is volunteering on our "Care for Animals in a Wildlife Sanctuary near Port Elizabeth" volunteer placement in South Africa! 

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The tricks that help some animals live for centuries!!

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