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World Travel & Tourism Council
WTTC is the global authority on Travel & Tourism, working with governments and international institutions to create jobs, and drive and generate exports.
WTTC is the global authority on Travel & Tourism, working with governments and international institutions to create jobs, and drive and generate exports.

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15% of the world’s population lives with some form of disability. This represents about 1 billion people, many of whom may be unable to enjoy the thrill of travel and the incredible diversity of our planet. Failure to consider accessibility in tourism is a denial of a human right: the right to travel.

Read what Talib Rifai, SG of World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), has to say about Tourism for All on #WorldTourismDay.

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Today sees the opening of applications for WTTC's 2017 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards. Anyone working towards a more responsible tourism sector can now apply in one of the five categories - Community, Destination, Environment, Innovation and People. The Awards are open to individuals, organisations and destinations of all sizes, and winning is one of the best ways to bring your initiative to a wider audience, showcasing best practice to governments and other business, as well as instilling pride and motivation in those who work on your efforts.
To apply, please visit our website's apply section here:

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Across the world, national parks allow for the preservation of astounding biodiversity in countless different environments. National Parks on every continent and within every environment are responsible for the preservation of land, animals, and habitats. However, the establishment and management of national parks is not without controversy.

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"Through tourism comes discovery,
which brings understanding,
which brings appreciation and respect,
which brings connection,
which brings care and compassion,
which brings peace."

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"For travellers, the actual act of travelling responsibly doesn’t have to be imbued with the hefty weight that many first assume. Responsible travel doesn’t look like any one thing. Some aspects require deep research, others require a sense of curiosity that allows you to see a faded poster for a local circus and take a leap of faith."

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For the first time, empirical evidence has confirmed that the Travel & Tourism sector is a driver of peace.

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Travel & Tourism must take responsibility for its impact in a world of shrinking resources.

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"Travel and Tourism is an extraordinary basis for empathy: the capacity to recognize feelings being experienced by another. Travel is an absolute imperative for Capitalism. And Capitalism, driving innovation, inspiration, and creativity, is still the best system known today to address the great challenges facing the world."
One of our speakers at the upcoming Global Summit, Erika Karp, shares some thoughts on capitalism and tourism. Tune in to the Summit livestream to hear Ms. Karp expand on this topic.

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We are excited to announce the programme for our 16th Annual Global Summit 2016, taking place in Dallas, Texas, 6-7 April 2016.

Our Summit theme is "Travel Beyond Boundaries", and our influential speakers will tackle issues of travel security, collaborative economy, oil price and exchange rate impacts, and the balance between technology and human interaction.

To follow along, you can watch the live stream right on our homepage.

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Discussing how travel may change in the future, what hindrances may occur as tourism grows, and how it interacts with gender inequality (which is expected to grow over the next 15 years).
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