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Ontario Court of Appeal rules that TWU graduates cannot practice law in Ontario
Trinity Western University (TWU) requires all its students to sign a Community Covenant Agreement , which demands (among other things) that sexual relations be restricted to heterosexual married couples. Violators of the Covenant are subject to academic cen...

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Trans-Pacific Partnership: An open letter to Chrystia Freeland
On June 15, Minister for International Trade Chrystia Freeland held a  town hall meeting in Toronto to consult with the Canadian public about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). I was fortunate enough to attend. In addition to Minister Freeland, there were...

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Does freedom of religion include a right to discriminate?
Trinity Western University (TWU) is a Canadian Christian post-secondary institution with plans to open a law school in 2016. The Juris Doctor (law degree) program was approved by the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education in December 2013. However,...

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Jerry Coyne, author of Faith vs. Fact, visits Toronto
On June 10, Jerry Coyne (whose website I have enjoyed reading for a few years) came to Toronto to speak about his new book at a Centre for Inquiry  sponsored event. I enjoyed his talk and purchased his book (which I'm currently about halfway through). I was...

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Kate Cayley wins the Trillium Award
On Wednesday, June 17, the 2015 Ontario Trillium Book Awards  were announced. Finalists included literary heavyweights Margaret Atwood and Thomas King. I am delighted to say that the Kate Cayley was the winner of the prize for her collection of short storie...

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Chesterton debate: Full video
Last month I participated in the Chesterton debate. I have previously published my opening remarks ( 15 minutes) and my responses to Dr. Benson's three questions (five minutes each). Below is the entire debate, including my questions to Dr. Benson, question...

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Chesterton Debate: Question three and my answer
Dr. Benson asked a third and final question of me based on my opening remarks in the Chesterton debate. His question is indented below; my answer follows. Chief Justice Brian Dickson in  Big M Drug Mart  stated
that religious freedom is prototypical - mean...

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Chesterton debate: Question two and my answer
The indented text below is Dr. Benson's second question to me based on the text of my opening remarks in the Chesterton debate. My response follows. As did mid 19th
Century secularists you seem to suggest that "evidence based public
policy" favours the no...

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Chesterton Debate: Question one and my answer
The format of the Chesterton debate allowed Dr. Benson and I to read each other's opening statements in advance of the event and to submit three questions based on them. Below is Dr. Benson's first question to me (indented), and my response.  You say you ar...

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Chesterson Debate: My opening remarks
On Friday evening, I debated Dr. Iain Benson on whether "one’s religious convictions should play a significant role in how they conduct themselves in political affairs." I took the negative side of the resolution, and below is my fifteen minute opening addr...
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