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You remember that one time we visited the old drive-in over in Desert Bluffs and watched that documentary about the Smiling God? I found the pre-show reel StrexCorp showed that night.

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So this is a thing that happened. 

Greetings, esteemed adventurer!

I pray that my letter finds you in good health, and that Nald'thal smiles upon your fortunes. Perhaps it's his will that we meet under these otherwise unfortunate circumstances.

My name is Milala Mila - the only daughter and heir to a merchant house of some great renown. It's with great hope I reach out to you, as upon my father's recent death, our family coffers were seized by the Sultana.

This is an insult no true child of Ul'dah should have to stand for! The idea of my family's vast ledgers -- accounting for untold millions of Gil -- put to "the common good of citizen and refugee alike" makes my blood boil. However, the right coin passed across the palms of the right people, and we could free these riches for their proper use.

This is where you come in, my friend. I am ashamed to admit that I have little more than the clothes on my back. If you could provide me with a mere 100,000 Gil to pay the appropriate fees and bribe certain individuals, I will see to it that your investment is returned to you increased by a hundredfold or more.

I merely need your account number with the Merchants Bank of Ul'Dah and we can begin. To isolate you from suspicion, I will do you the courtesy of handling all the transactions myself. This, of course, is to protect you in the unlikely event the authorities become suspicious.

Our future is paved with gold, my friend! And do not think my family will ever forget this kindnesses.

I look forward to your response,

Lady Milala Mila

+Frank Fernandez​ - better get Maggie warmed up. They're giving the Magitek Armor its own music in patch 2.5.5.

Spoilers: It's Terra's theme

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Finally! I've had the Mirror of the Whorl sitting in my inventory for a couple of weeks now.

The second John Harper releases Blades in the Dark, I'm hacking it for a little Tactical Espionage Action. Because a Metal Gear-inspired game about a scrappy little PMC trying to change the world while building its own market share - that's got to happen. 

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Setzer barding? Best chocobo barding, hands down. 

Said at work this morning:

"If god StackExchange did not exist, it would be necessary to invent it."

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For the perpetually lost.
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Having spent considerable time in Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn lost apart from the ability to teleport places, I decided to make a map of the world. It allows me to have an easier time visualizing the locations of places relative to one another, and how they're connected.
All my (other) important FF14 posts can be found here:

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The atrium at my office. Screw this; I'm going home.
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