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Web design, online marketing, SEO, graphic design and product photography


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Which is the HEALTHIEST berry?

A really cool #infographic showing the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients found in #berries .

What I like about this is that you can choose the right berry to help with a given problem. For example, looking to take care of your eyesight, then blackberries have the most Vit A!

In this study, raspberries and blackberries look very healthy.

Link to article:


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101 Tried and Tested Blog Post TITLES that STAND OUT

With over 2 million new blog posts written every day how can you make your articles stand out?

Given that the vast majority of readers enter your website from either Google or Social Networks, a catchy headline is the key to grabbing a reader's attention.

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Small Business Guide to ECOMMERCE

Thinking of selling online? Burning questions answered here!
Selling Online - the Small Business Owner's Guide to eCommerce

- Questions before you start
- Market Research
- eCommerce Vs Marketplace
- Setting up your eCommerce website
- Testing your #onlinestore

#woocommerce #prestashop #shopify #magento

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5 points you should consider before starting a multi-language website

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4 ingredients to international success

#webdesign #seotips

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10 good reasons you need a multilingual website
10 reasons for adding extra language to your website

A multilingual website not only looks professional, but sends a clear, confident sign of your ambition – to customers, search engines, and even potential investors and business partners.

It is Your business setting Your stall out and saying - This is who We are, what We are doing and exactly where We are going.


#mutlilingual #webdesign #wordpress #joomla

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An excellent guide to running a successful multilingual website from +Mike Fitzpatrick

#webdesign #internationalseo #multilingualwebsites
A beginners guide to creating a multilingual website

So your business is making a splash at home. You’ve probably even got some interest and a few sales from abroad.

But, how much better could your business be doing if you had a multi-language website? How many more people could you reach simply by translating your content into another language?

Read the guide:

#webdesign #multlingual #multi-language #joomla #wordpress

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