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powerful video of's work with girl children in India

Its My Time
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Very powerful and inspiring video, thanks for sharing +Ram Shriram We need more of these for the better future of this great country.

Inform!, Inspire!! and Innovate!!!
Incrível trabalho!
That's true, to change our world, we can't wait better times for coming, "it's my time" it's our time, time to choose, to choose to make the difference, side by side, shoulder to shoulder, no matter if we are on the other side of the world.
Thanks so much +Ram Shriram for share this great video, full of Hope and Energy!
Thank you Ram Shriram for your post, and Vic Gundotra for the repost of it! As someone else has commented, it is very uplifting - seeing young people feeling truly responsible towards their community and the world at large.

The following is a relevant link for Magic Bus India:
p.s. Just tweeted the video, with due acknowledgement of you and Vic Gundotra through whose post I came to know about the video.
Masha-allah.....A very powerful message indeed....
More young people willing to give time and effort to help others,that's what we just young but all of us ,give what u matter how small.
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