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Get in or get out, but close the fucking door!
Get in or get out, but close the fucking door!

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One more skill for breakers:

Investigator: Analyze something and ask for any answer. On a success, the answer will be there somehow, your GM will tell you the truth. On a partial success, exhaust this skill until you've rested.

Is there around any playbook for a Magical Girl in a Sailor Moon kind of way? I'm asking for a friend

I'm doing something using the Breakers template! just sharing two abilities I made. The first one is a replacement for Lucky, as I've never liked how games meta implement Luck as an ability (the dice are the ones that tell if you're lucky or not, there is no need to emulate it!)

Trickster: At anytime you can declare that you had this situation foreseen and have prepared for it (like having set a trap, aquired an object, having armor hidden under your shirt, etc). You must still roll to see if your idea works as you intended. This skill is exhausted and refills by resting.

Ninja: You're agile enough to attempt any absurd stunt, react to any trouble or to be stealthy with a minimal distraction.

Has any of you thought of adding any skill to the game? 

If you were to portray a character's prowess on a martial art in Into the odd (let's say you got it on the starting package), how would you do it mechanically?

Has anybody used guns as weapons in your games? I'm planning to do it; it's Americana kind of setting (I'm getting some inspiration from Over the Garden Wall) after an fantasy equivalent of the American Civil War; so the players will find Duel Pistols, Muskets, maybe even revolvers. How would you go about ruling them as weapon class? I'm torn between:
a) making a "firearms" weapon class. As simple as that
b) let them be usable with the "ranged" class. I don't really like this; thematically a wildling that has hunted bisons with a bow should not be able to shoot a gun. Also, a noble who is trained to duel with pistols has never shot a bow in their lives.
c) Making two skills: "bows", for bows and slingshots (would you fit something else here?); and "guns"; for firearms and crossbows (they're much alike to guns than to bows if you think about that)

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1. What is strange about the world's geography/cosmology?

2. What has people developed to adapt to it?

3. What is a common thing in our real life world which is a prized treasure here?

4. What is this world's particular way to solve disputes?

5. Which hazard is that one which people is always preparing for?

6. Which one is waiting to arise, totally unexpected?

7. Which kind of people are here most respected?

8. Who is the greatest legend here and what did he/she/it do?

I'm searching for a base/compendium class that lets me play a wizard in a more "Gandalf" Fashion. The core wizard is not the feeling i'm searching for; I think that maybe I should mix the druid and the bard, but I'm sure that somebody must have done a hack already.
Bonus question: Is there any playbook to play an Earthsea wizard?

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This is a preview of the Postcard Maps of my recently launched Kickstarter. One side shows a small map the other side offer some ideas and plot hooks for gaming.
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