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Growth beyond reason.
Growth beyond reason.

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Happy Independence Day Jamaica! Big up!

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Love this! One of my favourite songs on the album. 

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Rock on! 😁🎸🎸🎸

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Such a smooth mix! Mad ting! #liquiddnb #oskarkoch

"Atlantis" ~ Liquid Drum & Bass Mix.:

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Great little recap of Google's I/O 2015 by +John Blossom​.

Interesting announcements so far with, hopefully, more stuff to be announced on Chrome, Android TV and Chromebooks over the course of the I/O.
Sooo...what did we learn from the Google I/O 2015 Keynote?

Well, we learned lots, but first and foremost, the key word was "mooarrr" - there were a few key new initiatives, but mostly #io15  was about valuable but incremental changes to existing platforms. You can scan the photos that I grabbed below (I'll comment on these over time), but my key takeaways include:

- Android "M" smooths out all sorts of details, adds an API for fingerprint authentication, redone payments via Google Pay, and "dozing" to make your mobile devices be aware of when your gizmo is sedentary. 

- Shifting opt-in for apps permissioning to a handful of easier-to-understand options and requiring explicity opt-in the first time that you use a specific permission is a quiet but huge revolution in personal security.

- Android Pay is ambitious, promises much, but one wonders if all of its partners are ready to give in just yet. We'll see.

- Brillo and Weave, a new OS and communications layer for "Internet of Things" device and apps integration, is derived from both Android and Chrome, is lightweight, in theory, but I wonder if there will be aspects of Weave that make platform federation easier. Very promising. Watch carefully.

- Android Auto is huge. As in 35 automakers, including +General Motors autos rolling out this far (Hyundai's out there already). This is a winner.

- Android Wear continues to evolve, there are more than 4000 completely compatible apps out there, compared to Apple Watch's kinda-sorta compatible 3000 apps. Smoothing out use cases for batteries and gestures, all good, more hardware, please.

- Google Now and Now on Tap enhancements may look subtle, but in daily use, they will be "wow" features.

- Relatively low-key day for +Google Chrome, but Chrome Custom Tabs was a subtle but big deal. It's a way for apps developers to be nudged into tools that will make apps-quality UIs via the Chrome browser more ubiquitious. Encouraging devs to do this might be part of the reason why we did not see any announcement of more Android apps for Chrome OS - Google may want to encourage more and better Web apps first.

- Not much on Android TV or Chromecast, but there are bazillions of Chromecasts out there, so there's that.

- Google Photos - no login required to share photos, unlimited storage on Google Drive that's free. Makes storing your content for Google analysis a no-brainer - which means that more of Google's semantic image processing software can learn more from your photos as it delivers awesome features like searching by tapping on someone's face. This should be a huge hit, makes Photos more likely to be a ubiquitous mobile app (note, storage is cloud-oriented, so pretty much any mobile device can benefit). Impact on +Google+ should be net positive, since quietly people will be using it anyway, and there will be more content available that will work well with it right on hand.

- Android One evolves, and the enhancements to facilitate more offline capabilities across apps and platforms is a huge plus for developing nations (and folks like me near the edge of electronic civilisation). 

- Note the heavy use of many non-Google social media apps in the demos - Google+ was not demoed once. Well, it's a developers' conference, so there's that. I think that this means that Google is listening to its users, and will make it easy for people to share content (stored at Google) wherever they want to.

- Devtools improvements look great, making it easier than ever to develop in established languages, to test via the cloud every Android configuration out there, and playing nice with iOS tools.

- Google Cardboard is a sleeper hit, a million units out there, over a hundred apps, lots of accessories. A Google Street View-like camera kit is available to produce 360-degree AR videos. Called Jump, the units can use a wheel of 16 smart cameras of any type (phones, etc., or a new unit from +GoPro built with Jump in mind). The AR videos will be stored on +YouTube - awesome leap forward for producing new kinds of entertainment. Extremely clever leap over the heads of many creatives. Imagine an immersive AR movie or TV series. Could happen. In the meantime, the Expedition toolkit based on this technology enables classrooms to take virtual field trips.

- Very light on the +Google ATAP stuff, which is appropriate, since it's all future-forward, but a light reminder at the end prompts us to think about what it is that Google isn't doing. Great event.
Google I/O 2015 Keynote
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Hmm...interesting read.

I have a new Nexus 7 (2013) (which I bought during Christmas) and recently I've had issues with the touchscreen. Last week the touch was really buggy, so tried the ts fixes from the XDA developer forum  which made things a little better. However, a few days ago the screen became completely unresponsive to my touch. I tried powering it on and off but to no avail. I then flashed it to see if that would do the trick, but still no luck. I've also tried using it without the cover and still no difference. It's currently stuck at the Welcome screen and I can't do anyhing on the tablet argh! Any ideas of what could have caused this and any solutions? Please help.

Hi folks! Could someone please be so kind to recommend me the best password manager for my N7 2013? I've used Lastpass on my laptop in the past, however I've seen that the Android app isn't all that. Any alternatives?  

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No snow but it's bloody freezing today.
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