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is the steam link worth 16euros ?

just to try it out 

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Here is some PC goodness

NOT my Pc found the pictures on PC part picker and thought sharing those because it looks so good 

Last picture is not part of it
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Are 2x 29inch ultrawide monitors on a triple monitor mount a good option for gaming and productivity ?

If you have any suggestions for what's better

Why an triple monitor mount ? Because they are ultrawide's and an dual monitor mount could be to smal

I already have 1 29inch monitor

In my last post I was into selling my rx480 but sadly I can't :( 

i am thinking about selling my rx 480 8gb strix because in my country i have seen rx480's go for 400 + euros (with that whole bitcoin mining hype) if i sell mine for that i can buy an gtx 1080 !

should i just try it ?

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Just build my secondary gaming PC (mainly for friends come over and want to play a game )

And it did cost me nothing

CPU i3 530
Ram 4gb ddr3
Hdd 500gb Seagate
Case coolermaster haff something idk
PSU cheap 550w 

Maybe GPU swap to hd 6670

The hard drive of my laptop just died (THANKS ACER) so now I need to use those slow laptops from 2005

(No I am. Not gonna installed a new harddrive or SSD my self because if I do I void my warranty)


I first thought that it would take 1 maybe 2 weeks BUT NO 5 OR 6 WEEKS 

Does anybody still has an inactivated windows who needs a key I have one laying around so hit me up if your in need for one ( to verify that you don't have an activated Windows send a pic of the watermark that says that it installed activated)

A friend of mine wants to buy an gaming PC but he only has 250€ he wants to buy the following system for 250€

Amd fx6300
RX 460 4gb new
ASRock 970pro 3
1000gb hdd new
Hd 6670 old gpu
8gb ddr3 1600mhz

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I just need 3 more people to input my code. Please leave your codes in the comments below and I'll use them as soon as I can. Thanks 

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Fill in my code I will fill in your code as soon as possible
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