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Plz help

I recently moved to my new house

And downstairs everything is fine but upstairs my Google WiFi point doenst do anything (i did set it up but it doesn't make the connection faster or better)
How can I do something about it because the wifi isn't useable upstairs and we need good wifi upstairs for my sister's school and stuff like that

How can I solve it ??

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Let's hope it's true this time !!

I have an problem

Since a few days my PC is very very slow
I can't find what is is

When I play a game everything is fine
But when I do something other then that it's slow and it freezes


I5 7500
8gb ddr4 ram
Rx480 8gb
Intel 600p 512 GB SSD

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Welcome to the [insert here] post of the #RoastMyRig challenge. Basically all you do is take a picture of your setup (you're not allowed to clean up or do anything with the setup before hand, just point and shoot) and post it on here for people to roast.

Here's my rig!

I5 7500
MSI b250 pc mate
Rx480 strix 8gb
8gb ram
512 gb ssd
4tb hdd
Corsair 460x rgb


40inch Samsung TV
Dell 24 inch full HD
29 inch ultrawide 2560x1080

Corsair strafe
Logitech g502
Logitech g29 + shifter

Ath m50x
Corsair void wireless rgb

Seat from an old Opel Corsa

Let the roasting begin!
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i am building this printer but where can i get the drivers/software to
make it work ???

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the evga supernova g3 does fit in my case (the supernova g2 doesnt)

[for the people wondering yes those air 5 ipad mini"s and an intel 600p ssd in the left corner]

my psu makes an rattle noise how can i fix it ? (its an cx550m the grey unit)

i have an 750 g2 from evga that i am goin to return because it doesnt fit in my case

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got some new gear
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I have found an Bequiet psu in an old PC of mine

The sad thing is it's missing the pci-e cables
Does anyone know where I can buy those cables ?
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Just got an new gaming laptop :)
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