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Protect Your Farm With Farm and Ranch Insurance
Insurance has grown wider in scope and service. Insurance came into existence with the introduction of Marine insurance but then it grew wider with life, motor and property insurance. Later on came the farm and ranch insurance, insurance that protects the s...

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The Truth About Farm Insurance
Insuring a farm is similar to insuring a business because the equipment and multiple buildings will need to be covered in addition to the residence. There are many misconceptions about what is included in this type of coverage and what the insured is protec...

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Why You Should Insure Your Horse and Farm
Just as you protect your home and its assets, there are many reasons to insure your farm and its property. While horses represent loved animals among many owners and their families, they can also be large financial investments. From illness and injuries to ...

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State Farm Insurance
The Beginnings State Farm insurance began in 1922, the invention of a man named George J. Mecherle. Mecherle thought that he could come up with a better insurance company than the rest, offering better coverage and great rates. So he did. Something about Me...

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What Your Farm Insurance Should Cover
Agricultural insurance or farm insurance saves farmers and those engaging in agri-business from losses sustained by natural catastrophes. Policies under this insurance are structured to protect the basic needs of the homestead. This is particularly importan...

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Choosing the Best Farm Insurance for You
Farmers, like car owners and home owners, should insure their farm and its property. The right farm insurance will cover your farm operations to make sure you do not lose your farm an accident. There are several types of insurances in the market, and you wi...

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More Than Just Accidents and Tools
Insurance is something of a contentious issue at the moment, particularly in regards to the current economic crisis which is causing many of us to cut back on cover we do not consider essential. However, with an increase in thefts and burglaries in rural ar...

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Get an Umbrella So You Don't Get Soaked
We have auto insurance to cover medical costs and liability if we were to be at fault in an auto accident. And we have home insurance to cover the home and personal property in case of damage. There's also liability coverage included with home and renters i...

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Farming - The Most Dangerous Job in the UK
Research recently released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has pinpointed modern farming as the most dangerous profession in the UK. Published in the wake of a series of high profile accidents and prosecutions, the research revealed that from 1 Apr...

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How UK Farmers Are Diversifying to Boost Their Incomes
While the recent global economic crisis has had a profound effect on many UK industries, livestock farmers have been dealing with major economic set-backs throughout history, with instances such as the BSE epidemic in the mid-80s - and outbreaks of diseases...
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