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ryan jenkins
Next Generation Keynote Speaker, Blogger, & Podcaster
Next Generation Keynote Speaker, Blogger, & Podcaster

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#Millennials may have to save 2x as much as previous generations in preparation for #retirement. (Employee Benefit Research Institute)

More than half of #Millennials who have kids get assistance through #childcare or housekeeping weekly. (TD Ameritrade)

20% of #Millennials don’t receive #text messages from businesses at all & 60% receive 5 or less each week. (Chief Marketer) #chatbots

80% of #Millennials are waiting for the day they can #text a brand’s 1-800 number instead of #calling. (Chief Marketer)

#Millennials who have kids get $11,000 on average from their parents through financial support or unpaid labor. (TD Ameritrade)

More than 60% of 13-34 year-old smartphone users are on #Snapchat. #Millennials #GenerationZ

48% of #Millennials would prefer to receive reminders or alerts from financial institutions on their #mobile screen. (OpenMarket)

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Over 50% of #Millennials used a sharing economy business (Uber, Airbnb, etc) in the last year (over 35yr-olds = 16.2%) (Hammerson & Verdict)

41% of #GenerationZ spends more than 3 hours per day on computers for non-schoolwork-related purposes (compared to 22% a decade ago).
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