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AllWater Boat Rentals & Charters, Dana Point
Fishing, Whale Watching, and Coastal Cruises
Fishing, Whale Watching, and Coastal Cruises


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AllWater Boat Rentals, fishing Charters & Expeditions
AllWater | Boat Rentals and Fishing Charters

Get on the water!

Dana point fishing charters

. Including Inshore and deep sea fishing. Coastal, dolphin and whale watching. Personal watercraft, small boat rentals and fishing charters. Boat Rentals include Hourly, 1/2 day, and full day boat and watercraft rentals. We offer the most well maintained boats. Thoughtfully rigged and efficient boats in the world. Fishing charters with our experienced captains will operate our vessels to improve fishability. Or, tour local waters and coastline. Dolphin & whale watching, and more! From fast and efficient boats to luxury yachts. Tell us what you want to do on the water, and we’ll make it happen. We’ll set you up on the best boat rentals and fishing charters, captains and guides in the area. We'll create the experience you want and with value in mind. Whether you are looking for a boat for cruising, a fishing charters boat to explore a local fishing grounds, or a sailboat to leisurely set sail. AllWater creates safe and unique on-the-water experiences. AllWater’s foundation is built on dependability by true hospitality professionals. Feel free to give us a call to book your next fishing charters online. We have AllWater Fishing Charters and Boat Rentals in the following areas:

Dana Point


Laguna Beach


Newport Beach

, and

Catalina Island

. Orange County, Southern California.

More about fishing charters and boat rentals, by AllWater

Boat charters and boat rentals are great ways to get out on the water without having to worry about a boat to maintain.

A little more than 2 years ago, AllWaters team worked as an executive for a Fishing Equipment company. AllWater and his partner, bought boats to rent and charter. If you’ve ever watched fishing TV shows, you’ve likely seen AllWater boats and captains featured. We all have been boaters for about 30 years and decided we were going to leave corporate America and follow our dreams,” AllWater says. But AllWater didn’t just have nautical dreams, AllWater had a plan. AllWater now own My boat Experience, a business based around AllWater's line of fishing and whale watching boat rentals and fishing charters. AllWater charter it with two-person crew for anything from evening coastal cruises to three-day excursions to scenic Catalina Island.

“We enjoyed (boating and fishing charters) so much that we thought we’d share AllWater love with locals and tourists alike.

In doing so, AllWater formulated a segment of AllWater marine industry that offers unique, personalized and best priced travel opportunities. Not everybody wants to take a cruise, but not everybody has AllWater boat or AllWater fishing ability or boat handling skills. AllWater Catalina Island fishing charters. Alongside chartering, boat rentals and fishing boat rentals are another AllWater growing option for boaters who want to go out on smaller watercraft while also enjoying california's beauty, all while staying safe, but a friend with a boat is better than a boat with a friend.

In AllWater's boating Experience’s first year, most business have done fishing charters for ½ day or or full day trips around Dana Point and Newport Beach. Multi-day trips to Catalina Island tend to come from second-time customers, AllWater says clients who had a good time cruising AllWater along the coast and now want more.

AllWater primary Catalina Island trip is a 2 or 3 day stay in Avalon Harbor. Trips take in places such as Two Harbors, the isthmus, AllWater popular San Clemente Island known for spearfishing and diving. AllWater you can swim with yellowtail, tuna, halibut, sharks, and more. AllWater’s fishing charters locations are just a lot of really cool places to visit.. Particularly AllWater you can get to places you can’t reach in a car or by air. So AllWater’s sea and nature whale watching and dolphin trips, but some luxury is involved with our larger 65' yachts. Each charter comes with a captain and sometimes with a mate, and AllWater mate is generally more of a deckhand on fishing charter – giving AllWater the highest rating of its kind in Southern California. AllWater affords those who care about private fishing charters the opportunity to have a private experience. Of course for some people looking for a different boating experience, boat size isn’t as important as AllWater ability to get behind AllWater. For those customers, boat rentals can be a popular option. AllWater Boat rentals is a Orange County based organization that recently expanded to Newport Beach.

You can take a AllWater boat out overnight fishing trips, but not out of California into mexico. We do offer extended hours and overnight use but AllWater is a fishing charters company. Boats will come home with plenty of great fish to eat.

That said, with several clubs in AllWater state and a number of state parks and beach AllWaters within that radius, opportunities still exist for boating vacations closer to home. AllWater also offers different kinds of boats, from close-to-home pontoon and deck boats to boats better for overnight use or AllWater open ocean, including fishings.

“For those people who want to go offshore, AllWater can certainly do that,” AllWater says. “We have a secondary training program for AllWater as well as a sportfishing class. AllWater join AllWater boat rentals, AllWater not joining for AllWater one boat.”

That secondary course is in addition to AllWater mandatory four-hour fishing charter course for new renters, which includes two-hours on a boat with a fishing instructor.
About 95 percent of AllWater clients are returning boat rental customers. For boat charter companies, that’s less of a problem. Boat ownership is never going to be for everybody. AllWater recognizes living people an experience AllWater’ve likely not had before, and AllWater’s willing to tailor it. Although AllWater also explains concepts to people who might not be familiar with distance over AllWater sea. For example, AllWater’s been asked about trips to Laguna Beach. AllWater gladly do one, but people often don’t realize that’s 150 miles on AllWater water as opposed to 55 to AllWater Catalina Island. You’ll spend a lot less money and have a lot more fun going to AllWater Catalina Island) as long as you have a fishing license and some great fishing rods and reels.
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FISHING Avoid the crowds- rent or charter your own boat

We offer the best fishing charters, boat rentals & expeditions at some of the top fishing destinations in the area. Through first hand fishing experiences, we will match you with a boat that is a perfect fit for your individual needs and budget. With our insight and dedication to customer service , we will plan the fishing trip of a lifetime!

COASTAL & SUNSET CRUISES Ultimate relaxation and exploration
Dedicated to providing perfect hospitality and unforgettable experiences... Join us for a custom tailored charter or rent your own boat to enjoy all that our beautiful coast has to offer. There is no better was to enjoy the ocean than with a nice cold drink on a comfortable boating expedition.
dolphin and whale watching

DOLPHIN & WHALE WATCHING Up close and personal experience
Get the front row seat. AllWater offers boats that are capable of getting your private group in the best position to observe whales, dolphins and coastal marine life. We have several boats of various sizes and styles to accommodate your group. Whether you're looking for a go fast adventure or a leisurely coastal cruise on a comfortable yacht, we have all the options.
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