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Why Export? Six great reasons, the last two are surprising…here is the fifth of the six and the first surprise!
EXPORTING SPURS INNOVATION Many companies become more competitive after they begin exporting.  Within two years of  exporting, companies file seven times the number of patents and deliver four times the number of new products as compared to peers who do not...

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Using simple gamification to radically boost performance.
Gamification typically involves applying game design thinking to non-game applications to enhance engagement. Gamification can make almost anything fun and engaging bringing out the player in any of us. Gamification isn’t just about setting up a formal game...

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Nobel Prize Award announced today and its relevance to you.
announcement of the Nobel Prize for
Economic Sciences  (recognizing the
work of two University of Chicago economists and one from Princeton) reminded me of a chapter in the
book Behave! How to get 100% of your workers
fully engaged .  This chapter
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