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"A long long adventure with The Hobbit" fantastic detail in here

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This is amazing! I would love to have this as a stained glass window, so cool!
downloading LOTR Online at the moment :D
You can order prints from the DeviatArt link.  Getting one for the basement!
Chern M
Yeah me too +Linda Hanson ! If your going to have stained glass, this is the way to go! 
That is a great graphic. But it illustrative to me how much of the story they already covered in the movie. They are going to have to add a bunch of filler or we are going to have two hours of spiders and then 2 hours of Smag.  I know there is other stuff, but you get my point.
I've seen this kind before and liked them all, this one too!
This is awesome I want it as a poster on my wall
See, if it takes one picture to explain the hobbit, why does it now need three awful movies?!
there should be a LOTR one!
just google LOTR GLASS PAINT or something
The sauce link goes directly to the artists deviant art page.. lots of Tolkien style stained glass paintings there
Ouaou! Looks like Celtic art?! or Mayan?
Fantastic film this, epic illustration... :)
how the hell does this picture make you say you like the film (hobbit)
well there is more movement and more realistic, but as you see in the post, that's how it is...
@ Ariana T Yes follows what happens in the novel and new movie The Hobbit. Fantastic still life story book, or an amazing idea for a stain glass window! Thanks for sharing
2000 stars, +Jacob Green  *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
Verry colorful and, nice thumbs up!!!
I'm going to hang this on my wall now.
Nice painting, would'nt mind owning it, at a fair price.
Preeettyy!  :)   x
Wow, lovely "old-fashionned" style.
Where can i find a really big version of this?? I want to make a poster out it....
Amazing! What a great way to capture all of the key moments during the story.
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